Hotel Review: Novotel Avignon Centre Gare

The Novotel Avignon Centre Gare is a very modern hotel in a good location in beautiful Avignon. In this review, we’ll explain what you can expect of the hotel!

Avignon isn’t a real stronghold when it comes to very nice hotels. The Novotel Avignon is among about the best options in town, especially as the property is brand new.

  • Classification: Four Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: October

The lobby for example is very functional, modern and beautiful.

Novotel Avignon Centre Gare Lobby

On the other hand, the construction works around the hotel seem to be going on with a huge site in front of the hotel, making it even tough to access the hotel.

Novotel Avignon Centre Gare Entrance

Sadly, the good first impression of the hotel grounds was blown away by the hotel staff, who was not any welcoming and didn’t call at all about our wishes. Disappointing, especially as I’ve made very different experiences in other Accorhotels.

Executive Room at the Novotel Avignon Centre Gare

We booked and received an Executive Room despite my Le Club Accor Gold Status. However, the room was a much more spacious than it looked on the website and thus might have been a slight upgrade in that regard.

Novotel Avignon Centre Gare Executive Room

At the same time, the room felt oddly big and empty with only very little furniture (the one you’ll also find in much smaller Executive Rooms). That said, the furniture was modern and made the room look very sleek. In the entrance area, there was a spacious wardrobe, while further into the room, the King Bed was to the right with a Sofa in the corner.

Novotel Avignon Centre Gare Executive Room

There was a very interesting and flexible night stand, which doubled as a coffee table.

Novotel Avignon Centre Gare Executive Room

Opposite of the bed, there was a flat-screen television above a working desk with a decent enough chair.

Novotel Avignon Centre Gare Executive Room

Here, the minibar and the coffee machine were located. Both are complimentary in an Executive Room and I thought that the drinks and snacks in the minibar were quite nice for a free version.

The bathroom was beautiful for a Novotel. It wasn’t big with just a single sink, a toilet and a walk-in shower, but it had all the necessary. The shower was spacious and had a very good shower pressure and the sink had enough storage.

The only downside is that there is no proper door to close the bathroom. Other than that, the modern and sleek design of the bathroom is amazing. Last but not least, the view of the street in front of the hotel and the city in the distance is worth noting. Neither particularly amazing, nor any bad.

Novotel Avignon Centre Gare Executive Room View

However, noise was an issue here, which isn’t only because of the street, but because of the construction works going on. Even at night, it was noisy due to the wind blowing against the construction fences.

Dining at the Novotel Avignon

One evening, we felt like eating in the room and ordered a cheese board, which wasn’t cheap with 18 Euro, but was sufficient for a light meal in the evening.

Novotel Avignon Centre Gare Room Service

It was served with two bread rolls and some side salad. The quality was alright and the presentation was quite cool. While we didn’t have breakfast, we had a coffee in the bar once.

Novotel Avignon Centre Gare Coffee

Service, again, was horrible here. Facilities of the hotel include a restaurant and a bar. In the restaurant, you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Pool & Gym at the Novotel Avignon Centre Gare

The Novotel Avignon Centre Gare comes with both, a pool and a gym. The latter is located by the small Spa, where you can have treatments.

I found it to be quite small, but well equipped with the necessary equipment for basic cardio and strength training. The pool, while too cold to swim in fall, looked decent enough for a mid-scale property.

Novotel Avignon Centre Gare Pool

However, it somewhat lacked the atmosphere to make it a nice place to lounge after a long day in town.

Overall impressions of the Novotel Avignon Centre Gare

The Novotel Avignon Centre Gare comes with beautiful modern grounds, a stylish lobby, very nicely designed rooms and all the comfort you’d expect from a hotel on this level. The additional features, including a gym and a pool, aren’t bad either. Sadly, the staff didn’t make us feel any welcome and every encounter with the staff proofed to be difficult. That aside, I’d recommend staying here if the price is right and the construction works around the hotel are finished.



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