Running in Adelaide

Running in Adelaide is a very nice experience due to lots of parks, nice paths along the river and more. In this running guide, I’ll explain why I liked Adelaide for running very much!

I was lucky enough to go running in Adelaide on a mild morning, making up for a great atmosphere to go for a run. It was a little cloudy, but that didn’t bother me too much.

  • Distance: 7.5 Kilometers
  • Calories burned: 400-450
  • Month: August
  • Weather: Cloudy

In addition, it was a calm weekend date, which meant not a lot of traffic and thus easy street crossing etc.

Map of Running in Adelaide

Map of Running in Adelaide (tracked by Runtastic)

I started my run at the Hilton Adelaide, but it’s totally possible to start at other hotels like the InterContinental Adelaide, too, and still take basically the same route.

From Victoria Square to the River Torrens

While the nicest running paths in Adelaide are obviously located at River Torrens, I first had to get there. Getting there isn’t difficult though as you can just follow King William Street, which is one of the nicest streets with a couple of historic buildings.

As soon as you’re getting closer to the waterfront, you’ll also path the beautiful Grand Central Station of Adelaide. The so-called North Terrace on the Southern side of the river, is home to several nice and important buildings, which I’ve also explained in more detail in my city guide.

Running in Adelaide

Those include the Parliament, the Casino and more. Yet, for running I’d just stay close to the river and enjoy the greenery.

Running along River Torrens

When you’ve reached the river and crossed the beautiful River Torrens Footbridge, you’ll get a glance of the Adelaide Stadium. Turning around can be interesting, too. Here, you’ll see the most modern and futuristic part of Adelaide with the Exhibition Center and more.

Running in Adelaide

Following the river, architecture isn’t something to look out for. Instead, you can just enjoy the nature along the river. The paths right next to the river are beautiful and it’s a calm area with lots of fresh air.

You can basically follow for a couple of kilometers without getting bored of it. For a city of that size, such a nice river in a central location is really amazing.

Going back to the city center through the Botanical Garden

After running along the river for approximately three kilometers, I decided to turn South again. To get back to my starting point, I decided to cross the Botanical Garden, which comes with lots of beautiful areas and is accessible for free. I’ll be writing a special about the Adelaide Botanical Garden, so I won’t get into more detail here. Yet, let me tell you that this is another great area to go for a run at.

Last but not least, I spotted some nice streets and buildings on my final way back through the city.

All in all, running in Adelaide is truly amazing and something I can highly recommend to everyone. It’s a unique and very relaxing experience, especially due to the beautiful nature around the Torrens River.

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