Airline Review: Swiss Business Class Boeing 777

The Swiss Business Class in the Boeing 777 is the airlines flagship product. In this review, I’ll explain why flying in the new airliner is enjoyable and what parts of my experience were positive and where I see room for improvement.

When Swiss introduced it’s new Boeing 777, I was already thrilled to try the new Business Class product. With the growing number of jets in the fleet, there’s a higher chance that you’ll also enjoy the refreshed product with life-flat seats and a very stylish design.

  • Airplane: Boeing 777
  • Cabin Class: Business
  • Daytime: Evening till Morning
  • Food: Dinner and Breakfast
  • Seat Pitch: 60 Inch (152 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 20.5 Inch (52 Centimeter)

On my way from Zurich to Hong Kong I had the chance to try the new Swiss Business Class on a flight with a decent length of nearly 12 hours, including two meals as well as a relatively long sleeping period. As you’ll see in this review, I was generally quite pleased with the experience even though it was definitely not as great as my flight in the Swiss First Class.

Seating in the Swiss Business Class Boeing 777

The Swiss Business Class comes in a staggered 1-2-2 or 2-2-1 configuration. That’s because of the specific design of the seats, which leads to different options available.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777

In the window rows, there are either two seats of just one seat, the latter being called “the throne” quite often.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777

Here, you enjoy more privacy, but the seats also feature less storage and are somewhat restricted in bed position.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777

The normal double seats in the window offer some level of privacy with a small privacy shield between the two seats.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777

The middle seats come in a relatively similar configuration, yet both seats have direct aisle access and one seat each comes with additional privacy thanks to a further privacy shield and the location a little further away from the aisle.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777

In my opinion, the throne seats and the more private middle seats are the best options when travelling alone, while I’d prefer a normal set of double window seats when travelling with someone in Swiss Business Class.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777

Other than the mentioned aspects and the amount of storage available, all seats are relatively similar. The cabin and the seats look very stylish and the wooden areas on the seat make it look high quality. All seats are made out of cloth, while the headrest is made out of leather. Upon boarding, a pillow and a blanket are already waiting at the sea.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777

Each and every seat can be adjusted with several buttons and there’s no restriction on positions you can turn the seat into, with the maximum obviously being a fully flat position.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 Controls Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 Controls

The storage available on the seat is decent, but not great. There’s a small compartment right underneath the television, a small literature pocket, another small compartment on top of the privacy shield between two seats each and some rather open storage in the second privacy shield of several seats (thrones and more private middle seats).

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 Storage Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 Storage Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 Storage

Last but not least, it’s worth pointing out that the seat in the Swiss Business Class is more like in a car than the regular ones you’ll find in cars. It doesn’t restrict you very much, but is something worth pointing out.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 10

All in all, the new cabin in the Swiss Boeing 777 is stylish, sleek and offers a good seating comfort. There are several different types of seats available, but even the “worst” are good enough with basic storage available and a lot of flexibility.

Sleeping in the Swiss Business Class Boeing 777

When flying in the Swiss Business Class, the sleep experience might be the most important aspect, especially on the various nighttime flights the jet is used on. In that regard, Swiss offers a comfortable, yet not perfect experience. As I’ve already pointed out, all seats can be moved in a fully flat position. The bed length of a little less than two meters is okay for most, but might be a problem for some.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 Bed

The seat feels a little hard, but not uncomfortably though. Sadly, no comforter is offered. The pillow (thick and soft) and blanket (comfortable and not too warm) available are quite good though, which made up for a good night’s sleep for me. It’s not on-par with the LATAM Business Class bedding, but still very good.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 Bedding

What’s a little problematic in the configuration of the Swiss Boeing 777 Business Class are the restrictions for side sleepers. The seats aren’t particular wide and especially those in the throne and window seats can hardly bend their knees. If you are a back or belly sleeper that most likely isn’t a problem, but it can be a challenge if you are a side sleeper. In that situation, products like the Turkish Airlines Business Class are definitely the better choice.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 Seat Pitch

Nevertheless, the sleeping experience is quite good in my opinion, making this product worth recommending for overnight flights.

Catering in the Swiss Business Class Boeing 777

As I’ve mentioned before, my flight in the Swiss Business Class featured two meals: Dinner after departure in Zurich and breakfast before arriving in Hong Kong. However, the experience obviously started with drinks of your choice being offered on the ground. There was water, juice and champagne (Swiss serves Duval-Leroy Brut in business class) available. After departure, we were offered another drink, this time with a selection of nuts. A bottle of water was already waiting at our seat, too.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 Storage

After approximately 45 minutes in the air, the tablecloths were brought out and we were served our dinner of choice. As a starter, three different options were available. I had the “Graved Perch with Horseradish”, which was served with a nice side salad and a cheese platter.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 Dinner

My girlfriend went with the “Valaisian Air-Dried Meat”, which was served with the same sides.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 Dinner

Both dishes were quite tasty and the salad was very good for business class, too. A selection from the bread basket was offered with the starter additionally. For the main, my girlfriend had the “Braised Beef with Glazed Onion and Mushrooms”, which she liked very much as the beef was tender and especially good for an airplane meal.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 Dinner

I went for the vegetarian option, the “Vegetarian Züri Geschnetzeltes”, which was good, but nothing to write home about.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 Dinner

As the cheese plate was already on our table, we were just offered dessert afterwards. My girlfriend passed and I gave the very good cheesecake a try.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 Dinner

All in all, a good dinner for business class. The drink selection (three reds, two whites, champagne, liquor and the typical soft drinks) was good, too. In case you’re in a rush of going to sleep, you may also choose an Express Dinner in the Swiss Business Class. The breakfast service is quite interesting and started approximately 100 minutes before landing. Instead of asking for our wishes from the menu, a cart was rolled through the galley, presenting a buffet of sorts. It had fruits, traditional muesli, cheeses, cold cuts and a nice selection from the bread basket.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 Breakfast

Additionally, a hot dish was available. I had the scrambled egg with roesti. Everything was quite tasty and surprisingly good for an airplane breakfast service.

Entertainment in the Swiss Business Class Boeing 777

One of the best things about the new Swiss Business Class in the Boeing 777 is the nice entertainment system, which comes with a fairly large screen, an easy to use and very responsive touch screen (you can also use the control next to your seat) as well as a large selection of movies, tv shows and music.

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Other than that, the Swiss Boeing 777 offers WiFi, which I tried on my First Class flight and thought to be surprisingly fast and easy to connect to. However, Swiss charged by usage and prices are rather steep, so the usage of WiFi on board will set you back quite a big. Last but not least, Swiss offers a selection of newspapers and magazines upon boarding with options in French, German and English being available.

Swiss First Class Boeing 777 Newspaper

All in all, good entertainment offerings, which are totally suitable for a long haul flight.

Amenities in the Swiss Business Class Boeing 777

To enjoy the entertainment offerings, headphones are already waiting at your seat at boarding. Sadly, I found those to not be particularly great as they are hardly noise-cancelling. Thus, I’d recommend to rather bring your own headphones. The Lufthansa Business Class, offering Bose headphones, is definitely better in that regard.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 Headphones

Additionally, an amenity kit is already waiting at your seat. In this case, it was something that I’d call a laptop sleeve, which you can take with you and reuse. It just had socks, an eye mask, a toothbrush, toothpaste and lip balm.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 Amenity Kit

Not the greatest amenity kit I’ve ever got (the Alitalia Business Class or the Etihad Business Class are two great products in that regard), but not too bad either. The lavatories in the new Boeing 777 aren’t particular spacious, but come with a modern and stylish design and were clean during all stages of the flight.

Swiss Business Class Boeing 777 Lavatory

It’s not like there are any incredibly great amenities in Swiss Business Class, but there’s everything you’d expect of a premium airline.

Overall impressions of the Swiss Business Class

I’d say that the Swiss Business Class in the Boeing 777 is one of the most comfortable products to fly with between Europe and other continents. Sure, the configuration isn’t ideal as not all seats offer direct aisle access and some seats restrict you quite a bit in sleeping position, but that aside the seats are very comfortable, modern, well designed and totally stylish. The service was good, but a bit distant. The food offerings for dinner and breakfast were between good and very good and the entertainment can be put in the latter area with a good screen, a great choice, fast WiFi and newspapers and magazines on offer. I wouldn’t hesitate to fly this product again!

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  1. Great article. Like it how you present everything and combine your reviews with pictures.
    My travels and my travel pictures are documented in my travel blog as well. I would highly appreciate it if you take some time out and review my travelogue, write down your review comments and if you like the content, follow my work. I would love to do the same as well!

  2. A very good reporting which in many parts I can share the opinion of the reporter. SWISS is a good airline but by far not the best, in particular if it comes to the friendliness of the personell. Their behaviour is far from giving you the host feeling same as you expierience e.g with Singapur- or Korean- Airline.
    kr/ Peter

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