Transportation in Poitiers

Transportation in Poitiers isn’t very difficult. There is no metro, no tram, but only buses. This means that getting around is very simple and easily explained. An alternative to buses is taking a taxi.

In our transportation guides, we usually explain all different options to get from A to B, including trams, metro etc. Yet, Poitiers isn’t that fancy when it comes to transportation. The French city has a train station, where you can take TGV trains to cities like Bordeaux or Paris as well as so-called TER (Train Express Regional) trains to other cities nearby.

TGV in Stuttgart

For public transportation in Poitiers, the train station isn’t of big importance. Yet, Poitiers Futuroscope has a TER station. If you are heading there, the train might be the best option to take.

Buses in Poitiers

All buses in Poitiers are operated by Vitalis under the brand name “allobus”. In total, there are 20 lines operating on a day to day basis. Additionally, there are a couple of night lines, school lines and further special lines. The bus operator offers a very convenient map of all bus lines with all stations online. Additionally, there is an online journey planner, which allows you to research the exact route to take for getting from one point in the city to another one.

Poitiers Bus

In addition to the regular bus lines, there are so-called navettes, one of those operating in the immediate city center. This is a complimentary minibus service, making it easier to get around in the city center. More information (in French) is available on the website of Vitalis. Pricing for buses in Poitiers is quite fair, with a rate of 1.40 Euro for a single journey (1.70 Euro when bought on board of a bus). If you buy 5 or 10 rides, you get a discount.

Taxis in Poitiers

Poitiers is a rather small city, where you will hardly need a taxi to get around. However, if you are going from the train station to the city center or the other way round, the elevation might be a problem when travelling with luggage. In this situation, taking a taxi might be handy. The same is true when heading to the local airport. Taxi fares usually start at 4 Euro, while every kilometer is charged around 1.50 Euro. While not cheap, taking a taxi in Poitiers is a safe and convenient way to get from A to B.

Other means of transportation in Poitiers

Even though Poitiers is quite an interesting city to visit, there are hardly any special means of transportation. There are city bikes available, but you need to register for the system before using those. Something like hop-on-hop-off buses are not available in Poitiers, unfortunately. In my opinion, walking around the city is convenient and nice anyways, so there isn’t too much need of any sort of special touristic transportation!

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