Hotel Review: Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5

The Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5 is located close to the newest terminal of London’s airport. The hotel is a convenient option for an early departure or late arrival.

When I was coming back from Saigon in the Turkish Airlines Business Class, I had a one day layover in London before flying to Milan on the day after. Thus, I decided to spend the night near the airport.

  • Classification: Four Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: March

As I departed with British Airways, the Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5 was the best option as most BA flights depart from this terminal. However, you still need to use the bus service to the hotel, which takes approximately ten minutes.

Executive Room at the Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5

As a Hilton Honors Diamond member I was assigned an Executive Room for my stay. This category is virtually identical to Standard Rooms, but comes with access to the Executive Lounge and a higher floor (which isn’t relevant in a three-story building).

Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5 Executive Room

My room wasn’t particularly large, but at least modern and nicely equipped. The main room had a King Bed with two nightstands, a comfortable armchair in the corner, a small table as well as a large working desk with a good office chair.

There obviously were a flat-screen television, a minibar and a kettle, too. The views of the parking lot weren’t anything to talk home about.

Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5 Executive Room View

The bathroom on the other hand was on the nicer side. It had a sink with some storage, a toilet, a bathtub and a walk-in shower. Not only the room, but also the bathroom was definitely renovated not too long ago.

All in all, a nice but basic room. There’s nothing that really stands out, but it’s not like that’s something you’d need when spending a night near the airport.

Executive Lounge at the Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5

The Executive Lounge at the Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5 is located on the highest floor, too. It’s a decent enough space with plenty of seating, but sadly feels a little dark.

Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5 Executive Lounge

The furniture is modern, comfortable and various though. There are dining tables, couches, armchairs and a business center.

The food spread during the day was rather limited with just fruits, cookies and crisps.

In the afternoon, there was an additional display of some cakes and other desserts.

Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5 Executive Lounge Afternoon Tea

The evening spread was somewhat more substantial with sandwiches, veggies, cheeses and some hot options, which felt very much like convenience food, though.

Once again, an area where the Hilton London Heathrow neither shines nor disappoints.

Breakfast at the Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5

Breakfast is served in the Executive Lounge and in the hotels restaurant. We opted for the latter and found a nice spread there. Everything was served on the buffet, which didn’t come as much of a surprise in my opinion.

Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5 Breakfast

The selection looked very good though with several cold options like cheeses, cold cuts, bread rolls, yogurt, fruits and more.

Even the hot options on the buffet, including the typical scrambled eggs, bacon and more, looked and tasted surprisingly good.

Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5 Breakfast

Additionally, coffee was served at the table by a friendly server. All in all, a nice breakfast for an airport hotel.

Spa & Gym at the Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5

Something that makes the Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5 quite exceptional among the airport hotels in London is that there is a Spa area. This one comes with a Spa pool, a sauna, a steam bath and some comfortable loungers.

While the area is relatively small and feels crowded with just a few people there, I still enjoyed having this option at an airport hotel. Obviously, there’s a gym at the hotel, too. As it’s the norm for Hilton properties, all equipment is provided by Precor and is of good enough quality.

In this case, the gym had a decent size and plenty of equipment for strength and cardio training. Plus, there was some daylight adding to the atmosphere.

Overall impressions of the Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5

The Hilton London Heathrow at Terminal 5 feels very much like a typical airport Hilton. At the same time, the property comes with recently renovated rooms and a Spa, which sets it a little apart from other hotels near London’s biggest airport. In my opinion, those two aspects alone make this property worth recommending, especially as everything else from the lounge to the breakfast is on a good level, too. I’d definitely return here in a similar situation.

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2 Comments on “Hotel Review: Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 5”

  1. It’s been several years since we last stayed at this hotel. It’s a bit of a mission to get to if you’re staying there the night before or after a flight as black cabs won’t take you there from Heathrow. You have to use the slow Heathrow Hoppa – slow because it can take ages ‘going round the houses’ from one hotel to another – or Uber if you can easily get one to pick you up at Heathrow.

    We plumped for an Executive Room and have to say that the Executive Lounge put on a good range of evening snacks & canapés. Breakfast the next morning was superb!!

    We treated ourselves to dinner at Mr Todiwala’s Kitchen – wow what an amazing experience with a fantastic choice of seriously tasty dishes!

    Would definitely consider staying here again, and most definitely have dinner at Mr Todiwala’s Kitchen! 😋

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