Lounge Review: Casa Alitalia Milan Linate

The Casa Alitalia Milan Linate is the airline’s main lounge at Milan’s city airport. Even though the lounge was recently renovated, it’s still quite disappointing. Read why in this lounge review!

Milan Linate in its current shape is one of the worst airports in Europe. Due to that, my expectations of airport lounges here are rather limited. Thus, I was rather unhappy about visiting the British Airways Lounge Milan Linate, too. The Casa Alitalia Lounge on the other hand was recently renovated and thus should be way nicer… just that it is not. While there are a couple of good things to be said about the lounge, the experience is rather disappointing all in all.

Seating in the Casa Alitalia Milan Linate

The Alitalia Lounge Milan is surprisingly small. While other airport lounges offer different rooms, especially at the semi-hub, the Casa Alitalia consists of just one room with approximately 40 armchairs. Thus, the lounge was very crowded for most of my visit, which I found disappointing for a new lounge.

Casa Alitalia Milan Seating

The interior and furniture is decent enough though. The lounge comes with mainly armchairs with small side tables. Nothing fancy, but the armchairs are at least comfortable. Sadly, there’s not a lot of privacy as most armchairs are facing other chairs.

Casa Alitalia Milan Seating

Sadly, the lounge doesn’t come with great views, but at least there’s some daylight.

Casa Alitalia Milan Seating

The Casa Alitalia Lounge also comes with private bathrooms, which were clean when I visited.

Casa Alitalia Milan Lavatories

All in all, an okay offering, but somewhat disappointing for an airline’s hub.

Buffet of the Alitalia Lounge Milan

The Casa Alitalia Milan Linate offers a tiny buffet area near the reception. Here, you can grab a little snack prior to departure.

Casa Alitalia Milan Buffet

The buffet basically is a selection of carbs in all varieties, from sandwiches to croissants, to pizza to other Italian specialties. The only more healthy option was a salad.

Casa Alitalia Milan Buffet

While the quality was good and everything tasted nice enough, I somewhat hoped for a more extensive and various buffet. Next to the buffet, there were a bottle of prosecco and a coffee machine.

Casa Alitalia Milan Buffet

The coffee was okay, but somewhat disappointing for Italy.

Casa Alitalia Milan Buffet

It’s even worse to note that there were only plastic cups available for your coffee and other soft drinks, beers, wines etc., which can be found next to the coffee machine in a fridge.

Entertainment in the Casa Alitalia Lounge

The entertainment selection of the Casa Alitalia Lounge Milan is a rather disappointing, too.

Casa Alitalia Milan Newspapers

There is a flat-screen television with an Italian news-channel, a newspapers rack with a selection of (mainly) Italian and English papers and then WiFi, which wasn’t very fast when I visited.

Overall impressions of the Casa Alitalia Milan

I’m not really sure what to think about the Alitalia Lounge Milan Linate. The design is modern and is relatively sleek. At the same time, the lounge feels constantly crowded, doesn’t offer any views or variety of seating and offers only a very small buffet. The food quality is the only really positive aspect about this lounge, in my opinion. If you have access, you might want to grab a snack, but I definitely wouldn’t plan on spending more than an hour here.

Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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