Airport Guide: Ho Chi Min City Airport

Ho Chi Min City Airport, also known as Saigon Airport or Tan Son Nhat International Airport, is the biggest and busiest airport in Vietnam. In this airport guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about the airport, its lounges, restaurants, shops and more!

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing aviation markets on the planet. Ho Chi Min City Airport is one of the main beneficiaries of this development, compared to the numbers ten years ago, traffic more than tripled. That’s mainly, but not only due to three airlines, which are dominating the domestic and regional market. The two leading airlines in the country, VietJet and Vietnam Airlines, as well as Jetstar Pacific Airways. Other than that, several international airlines are offering long haul flights to Saigon. There are flight to all populated continents other than North America and South America.

Shopping & dining at Ho Chi Min City Airport

Ho Chi Min City Airport offers various shopping and dining options. There are two terminals, one for international and one for domestic departures. The latter comes with just a couple of shops selling daily goods as well as a couple of smaller restaurants, bars and cafés. The international terminal has a way more developed infrastructure with several shops selling typical travel essentials, but also cloths, jewelry and many more things.

There are also more restaurants and other dining options in this terminal. While not quite a “shopping center” as many airports in Europe and North America, you’ll surely find enough shopping and dining options at Tan Son Nhat International Airport.

Sleeping at Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Spending the night at Saigon Airport isn’t a problem. The airport is open 24 hours a day and flights are departing around the clock. It’s allowed to sleep in the terminal and there’s even a dedicated sleep zone with some more comfortable armchairs and (paid) sleep pods. You may also find another comfortable spot in the terminal according to

Sofitel Saigon Plaza Superior Room

If you are looking for more comfortable rest, you might consider one of the many airport hotels around Ho Chi Min City Airport. There are various hotels of all price categories with Ramada and ibis being the only international brands. Yet, the city center isn’t far away either, so you might consider staying at a hotel there. For example at the amazing Reverie Saigon.

Airport Lounges at Ho Chi Min City Airport

There are various different lounges at Tan Son Nhat International Airport. The only ones operated by airlines are the Vietnam Airlines Lotus Lounges. The airline offers four of those, three in the domestic and one in the international terminal. These lounges are also used by SkyTeam patner airline.

Rose Lounge Saigon

All other alliances use third-party operated lounges for their passengers. Two lounges are also accessible with a Priority Pass membership, some can also be entered by paying at the door.

  • Abricot Lounges Saigon (T2): First & Business Class passengers and Elite members of various airlines and paid access
  • Le Saigonnais Business Class Lounge (T1): Business Class passengers and Elite members of various airlines, paid access and Priority Pass
  • Orchid Lounge Saigon (T2): First & Business Class passengers and Elite members of various airlines, paid access and Priority Pass
  • Rose Lounges Saigon (T2): First & Business Class passengers and Elite members of various airlines
  • Vietnam Airlines Lotus Lounges (T1 & T2): SkyTeam Business and First Class passengers and SkyTeam Elite Plus members on international flights

Transportation at Ho Chi Min City Airport

The infrastructure is one of the biggest problems in Vietnam, especially when it comes to public transportation. Despite its growing size, the airport is not connected to the city by rail. Thus, the only means of public transportation are buses. Lines 109 and 152 connect the airport with the city center, tickets are very cheap and the bus takes approximately 30 minutes. Taxis and care sharing services like Uber are a faster and easier option to get from the airport to the city or the other way round.

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