Hotel Review: The Chedi Muscat

The Chedi Muscat is a famous luxury hotel located in the capital of Oman. The property exceeded my expectations as you’ll see in this extensive hotel review.

When it comes to luxury hotels, I usually come in with high expectations. That’s especially true when we’re speaking of a hotel, which is part of the Leading Hotels of the World.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Standard Room
  • Month of Stay: June

However, The Chedi Muscat did not only not disappoint, but instead was even better than I was expecting. At the same time, it’s worth noting that the nightly rates are steep, starting at around 300 Euro per night. That’s also why I redeemed a Leaders Club free night certificate for a stay at the Chedi. The check-in experience here is already an experience, as you’re seated in a locally themed “tent” and brought some tea.

The Chedi Muscat Lobby

After going through your details, you’re already on your way to your room.

Standard Room at The Chedi Muscat

For my stay at The Chedi Muscat, I was assigned a Standard Room as upgrades are not given for free night redemptions. We were given the room at 9am though, which I thought was an amazing touch. The standard rooms are decently spacious, while not extremely big.

The Chedi Muscat Deluxe Room

Upon entering, you’re in the mix bathroom and wardrobe area. As you are entering in the middle, there are two separate sides of the open bathroom. One side has a wardrobe, a sink with some storage as well as the toilet and a bidet.

The other side has an additional sink, one more wardrobe as well as the spacious walk-in shower, which was equipped with Aqua di Panna toiletries.

The room itself is much more “normal” than the special bathroom set-up. On one side, you can find a very comfortable King Bed with two nightstands.

The Chedi Muscat Deluxe Room

In the middle of the room, right by the window, there’s a big working desk with a basic chair.

The Chedi Muscat Deluxe Room

On the other side, there’s not only a wall-mounted TV, but also a living area with a couch, a comfortable chair of-sorts and a table.

The Chedi Muscat Deluxe Room

Something I liked very much about the room are the very high ceilings, which make the room feel airy.

The Chedi Muscat Deluxe Room

The room also has a Nespresso coffee maker as well as a minibar with complimentary soft drinks.

The views on the ground floor were nothing to talk home about, but the room was at least quite bright. All in all, I liked the room and its distinctively local design very much.

Pools, Beach, Gym & Spa at The Chedi Muscat

While the rooms at The Chedi Muscat are nice, they are really not the highlight of a stay here compared to the public facilities. The great experience in this regard is starting as soon as you leave your room as there are beautiful gardens all over the place.

Then there are three different pools, of which two were already more than enough for me. The so-called Long Pool is an incredible 100 meters long pool and is just amazing for swimming laps.

There are a couple of comfortable loungers arranged around the pool, but most people are hanging out at the other pool, called The Chedi Pool.

This pool is located right by the beach and comes with several more loungers, but is smaller than the Long Pool. I’d say that The Chedi Pool is ideal if you want to just dip into the water to cool down. As I’ve mentioned before, The Chedi Pool is located right in front of the beach. This one stretches nearly the whole length of the resort and is totally private.

I’ve hardly seen any other person on the beach. Thus, it’s also not a problem to get any of the many comfortable loungers with incredible views of the sea. You may also enjoy brilliant sunsets there.

The Chedi Muscat Sunset

There is also a Spa, where you can enjoy the sauna and steam bath (complimentary) or any treatments like massages or facials (for a charge). Other than that, there’s a massive gym with lots of modern and high-quality equipment. The gym is so big and well equipped that I didn’t have a clue what many of the things are.

Just wow and kudos to such incredible recreation facilities to The Chedi Muscat. From the gym to the pools to the beach, everything really is perfect here.

Breakfast at The Chedi Muscat

In the morning, we went to breakfast at around 9 am and found a rather empty restaurant. The proactive servers were nice enough to show us to a table by the window and asked for coffee and juice orders. After that, I decided to check out the buffet spread, which was what you’d expect of a luxury hotel on this level. That’s to say that they had exactly everything you’d crave for, but there was also nothing totally outstanding, so I’ll mainly let the pictures speak for themselves.

In addition to the buffet though, there was the option to order hot dishes of your choice. I went for very good Egg’s Benedict.

The Chedi Muscat Breakfast

My girlfriend enjoyed some pancakes, which were plated very nicely.

The Chedi Muscat Breakfast

All in all, a very good breakfast, but I still liked my experience at other Leading Hotels like The Legian Bali a little more (which still is a compliment for The Chedi Muscat, but there’s still some room for improvement).

Dining at The Chedi Muscat

Something I wasn’t aware of when booking The Chedi Muscat was that the prices for food and beverages are incredibly high. Among other things, we opted for a hamburger at the pool (30 Euro).

The Chedi Muscat Lunch

While good, it was not even close to being worth that much. The same is true for a pizza we ordered via room service later in the evening (25 Euro).

The Chedi Muscat Room Service

The food quality at The Chedi Muscat is good, yet not remarkable. The prices though are and that’s something you should definitely keep in mind when booking this property as you can easily spend 200 Euro and more on two meals with two persons.

Overall impressions of The Chedi Muscat

Our stay at The Chedi Muscat was very enjoyable and there’s nothing bad to say about this property. The rooms are very nicely designed and even the Standard Rooms are spacious. The service is very good, the grounds and especially the various pools and the gym are incredibly great. Breakfast is on a high level and the food quality is good, but the prices for basically everything at The Chedi are outrageous, in my opinion. That said, I’d definitely recommend staying here when in Muscat, but you should definitely have deep pockets.

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