Lounge Review: Air France Lounge Munich

The Air France Lounge Munich is a typical outstation lounge of the airline, offering a relaxed spot to wait for your flight, but not much more. Learn more about the lounge in our extensive review!

If you are departing from Terminal 1 at Munich Airport, the lounge situation is less amazing as in the brilliant Terminal 2 with amazing Lufthansa Lounges like the Senator Lounge K11 or the Business Lounge K11. Terminal 1 comes with several Priority Pass Lounges as well as the Air France Lounge Munich. The latter is accessible for SkyTeam Business & First Class passengers as well as SkyTeam Elite Plus members who also hold a SkyTeam Economy Class ticket for a same-day departure.

Seating in the Air France Lounge Munich

Compared to the Air France Lounge Berlin, the outstation in Munich seems to have gotten refreshed lately. The furniture is way more modern and even looks somewhat classy. The lounge is basically one large room with several privacy dividers between different areas.

Air France Lounge Munich Seating

Most of the seating consists of relatively similar armchairs, some with a leather, others with a cloth padding. These chairs are fairly comfortable, but not impressively so. The mix of green, beige and red chairs make the lounge look somewhat quirky, but it’s not really my color mix.

Air France Lounge Munich Seating

There are several smaller compartments with approximately ten chairs and one bigger area with around 20 chairs, all in pairs of two at one medium-sized table.

Air France Lounge Munich Seating

Besides this dining area, all other seating just comes with smaller tables, which are not really suitable for working or dining. That’s one of my main complaints about the lounge as there’s really a lack of a business center or good tables to work on.

Air France Lounge Munich Seating

An additional weakness is the lack of views as the lounge is located inside the terminal. There’s some natural daylight, but you don’t really have any views.

Buffet of the Air France Lounge Munich

My expectations of the buffet at the Air France Lounge Munich weren’t any big as I’m used to mediocre offerings from other lounges of the airline. Thus, I wasn’t surprised to find a small breakfast spread only. There were some cereals, croissants, chocolate cake (a typical breakfast dish!), some bread rolls, cold cuts and yogurts.

Air France Lounge Munich Buffet

The drink selection consists of water, soft drinks and a WMF coffee machine.

Air France Lounge Munich Buffet

Even though it was still early in the morning, the liquor selection was already available, too.

Air France Lounge Munich Buffet

Nevertheless, the food spread was rather disappointing. I enjoyed the decent enough croissants, but I wouldn’t call the offerings a complete breakfast spread and wouldn’t expect a lot at any other time of the day either.

Entertainment in the Air France Lounge Munich

The Air France Lounge Munich doesn’t offer very much in terms of entertainment. There are a couple of televisions throughout the lounge, but they were off when I visited. The selection of newspapers and magazines is quite good though and comes with French, Italian, German and English papers.

Air France Lounge Munich Entertainment

Surely, the lounge also offers complimentary Wi-Fi, which you can easily log-on to. The speeds are alright, but not as good as I’m used to from other lounges in Munich.

Overall impressions of the Air France Lounge Munich

In my opinion, the Air France Lounge Munich is an alright place to spend half an hour or an hour prior to the departure of your flight, but I definitely would mind a longer layover here. The lounge has some comfortable enough seating, but there’s a lack of a decent spot to work at. Then, there’s a buffet, which is among the weaker ones I’ve seen in lounges operated by airlines so far and a good enough entertainment selection. Still, I wouldn’t really rate this lounge any high. Calling it mediocre is the perfect wording.

Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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