Running in Queenstown

Runnning in Queenstown is a very nice experience as the city has one of the world’s most beautiful scenery. Check out this running guide to learn, why running in Queenstown is a must!

When staying at the amazing Eichardt’s Private Hotel, I decided to go for a run in the amazing Queenstown Gardens, just around the corner.

  • Distance: 5 Kilometers
  • Calories burned: 300-350
  • Month: September
  • Weather: Clear Sky

As Queenstown is a tiny city, you’re getting there quickly from basically everywhere.

Running in Queenstown

Map of Running in Queenstown (tracked by Runtastic)

Here’s to hoping that you’ll enjoy as great weather as I did!

Stunning views in the Queenstown Gardens

It’s tough to write a lot of words about how beautiful the scenery is when running in Queenstown. This is definitely one of the guides, where I just want to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Running in Queenstown

I think you really get what I’m saying when imaging just running with such a scenery basically all the times. Plus, the pathways in the Queenstown Gardens are very enjoyable for running.

The tiny beaches make it also possible to go to the water for the moment and just enjoy the scenery before continuing your ‘workout’ (it’s way to enjoyable to call it that way).

While the Queenstown Gardens aren’t particularly big, running through these is a must, in my opinion.

Following the Queenstown Trail

From the Queenstown Gardens, I just followed the water and got to the Queenstown Trail, which theoretically makes it possible to go around the Frankton Arm, which would be more like a marathon when running it back and forth.

If you are just in for a relaxed morning run as I was, I’d recommend just going for one or two kilometers and then return, it’s definitely enjoyable to enjoy the scenery here, too.

You can basically run along the water all the time and you’ll find a couple of more rocky, but totally beautiful beaches on the way.

Stunning views of Queenstown Bay

You may want to color me a real Queenstown fan, but I actually enjoyed everything about this run. Even going back nearly the same way, just crossing the Queenstown Gardens and the tiny lake instead of running along the waterfront, was totally enjoyable.

Running in Queenstown

That’s also because of the incredibly beautiful views of Queenstown Bay and the cities main beach when running back to our hotel.

Running in Queenstown

Well, what’s more to say? Just do it yourself and go running in Queenstown. It’s an incredible experience, thanks to the stunning scenery that you can enjoy in this gem of New Zealand!

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