Running in Cornwall

Running in Cornwall is a truly beautiful experience. While this guide will be a little different than my normal running guides as I’m combining two runs, you’ll definitely get a great idea of why Cornwall is totally worth visiting!

While my running guides usually focus on particular cities, that’s a little more challenging in a whole region like Cornwall. However, the landscape is at least somewhat similar in the different parts of the area, which is why I’m combining my runs in Gorran Haven and Marazion in this guide.

Running in Cornwall

Map of Running in Marazion

The weather was “okay” at my first run, while it was brilliant on my second run. You’ll see the difference in this running guide, while you’ll see that the landscape is beautiful in all Cornwall in both guides.

Running in Cornwall

Map of Running in Gorran Haven

Thus, I’m inviting you to enjoy these guides and get a good impression on why running in Cornwall is so enjoyable!

Running in a lesser developed area of Cornwall

While St. Michael’s Mount is a very popular destination, my running path in Marazion led me to a rather lonely area. That doesn’t mean that this is a bad thing, but the path was a little challenging as nobody seemed to really take care of it.

However, this also meant that I didn’t meet a single other person and could enjoy my run in a very quiet and beautiful environment.

The views of the sea and the various beaches was totally beautiful.

Running in Cornwall

Something I particularly liked were the rocky beaches, which you can’t find everywhere.

Running in Cornwall

All in all, this run isn’t something for everyone, but if you are an experienced runner, you definitely even go running in the lesser developed areas of Cornwall.

Running in Cornwall on an incredibly beautiful path

Sure, running in Marazion was amazing, but something that really amazed me was my run in Gorran Haven. Not only is the little city in the bay itself incredibly cute, but the running paths here are incredible.

I’m not really sure whether I can really describe this experience in words, which is why I’ll mainly let the pictures speak for themselves.

Not only are the views of the various bays truly incredible, but the paths are also in a good condition and you hardly meet any person.

You can also explore one or another secluded beach, which makes you think you are in a different world. What should I say? How incredible!

Overall impressions of running in Cornwall

Running in Cornwall is an incredible experience, regardless of where you are staying. The cliffs, beaches and running paths along the coast are among the most beautiful ones in Europe and area truly unique for the area. If you happen to visit this area of England, you must go running. It’s an incredible experience!

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