Hotel Review: Hilton Garden Inn Cusco

The Hilton Garden Inn Cusco is the only hotel operated by Hilton in the fascinating Peruvian city. In this hotel review, we’ll explain why the hotel offers very good value for the money!

Looking for hotels in Cusco, I was instantly surprised on how expensive the market is. Luxury hotels often charge 300 US-Dollar per night or more. The Hilton Garden Inn offered far more affordable rates of just around 100 to 150 US-Dollar, which I thought was a good deal for a relatively new hotel.

  • Classification: Four Stars
  • Room Category: Scenic View Room
  • Month of Stay: April

My stay didn’t prove me wrong, which is why I’d recommend the hotel. Check out why in this extensive hotel review!

Scenic View Room at the Hilton Garden Inn Cusco

Thanks to my Hilton Diamond Status, I was assigned a Scenic View Room for my stay at the Hilton Garden Inn Cusco. The room was basically a Standard Room with a somewhat better view.

Hilton Garden Inn Cusco Scenic View Room

The room itself was quite nice for a Garden Inn. It had a comfortable Queen Bed, two nightstands and a comfortable armchair in the corner.

Hilton Garden Inn Cusco Scenic View Room

Opposite of the bed, you can find a long board, which doubles as storage space and the working desk. There’s also a very good office chair, which I miss in many hotels.

Hilton Garden Inn Cusco Scenic View Room

As you’d expect, there’s also a flat-screen television and the typical kettle with coffee and tea. There’s no coffee machine though.

Hilton Garden Inn Cusco Scenic View Room

The views of the valley weren’t that special, I’d rather say that the room was mainly facing the inner courtyard.

Hilton Garden Inn Cusco Courtyard

What I also liked about the room at the Hilton Garden Inn Cusco is the bathroom. This one isn’t big, but comes with a sink with some storage, a toilet and a very nice walk-in shower. Everything was spotlessly clean and in a good condition, so there’s nothing negative to say.

All in all, I liked the room we were assigned at the HGI Cusco. Sadly, it was quite during the night, which made sleeping somewhat challenging.

Breakfast at the Hilton Garden Inn Cusco

While the rooms here are substantially nicer than for example at the Hilton Garden Inn Montevideo, the breakfast wasn’t much better. We just checked it out very early in the morning (it’s available starting from 4 am) and the offerings weren’t great.

There were the typical fruits, pastries, breads, yogurts, muesli and such, but hardly any hot options or anything that excited me. Funnily, you can do omelets yourself at the buffet, which I haven’t seen before.

Hilton Garden Inn Cusco Breakfast

Nevertheless, I’d say that the breakfast at the Hilton Garden Inn Cusco is mediocre at best.

Dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn Cusco

As we felt lazy in the evening and weren’t that hungry, we decided to have a small dinner in the hotel’s bar. There’s also a restaurant, but we just wanted to snack. We enjoyed a local Pisco Sour as the drink for the evening and had two local snacks, which were tasty and served hot.

The prices for food at the Hilton Garden Inn Cusco aren’t low, but they are also not outrageous. Thus, I’d recommend the hotel for a snack or a drink at the bar. On hotter days, you can also sit outside in the hotel’s very nice courtyard.

Overall impressions of the Hilton Garden Inn Cusco

While the HGI Cusco doesn’t offer a gym, spa or pool, I still liked the hotel. There were some minor issues with noise, but regard the quality and size of the rooms and the food and beverage options, the new Hilton Garden Inn is a good option for a stay in Cusco. It’s not an outstanding hotel, but it offers decent value for the money in a city that’s crazily expensive in high season. All in all, I’d definitely return if the price is right.

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