Airline Review: Bangkok Airways Economy Class

The Bangkok Airways Economy Class offers a very comfortable flight experience as a full-service airline. In this airline review, we’ll explain what you can expect of flying with the airline.

While Bangkok Airways is in direct competition with Thai Airways on many routes, there are also some monopoly routes. Those include the route from Koh Samui to Bangkok, which I took.

  • Airplane: Airbus A319
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Noon
  • Food: Lunch
  • Seat Pitch: 31 Inch (79 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 19,8 Inch (50 Centimeter)

Prices here are steep with prices around 150 US-Dollar for a one-way flight. At least, the offerings on board are quite good, which makes me recommend flying with Bangkok Airways in general. What’s unique, for example, is that the departure areas come with free snacks and drinks.

Seating in the Bangkok Airways Economy Class

The boarding process as such wasn’t especially great, but when on-board, Bangkok Airways offers a good enough comfort. In the Airbus A319 aircraft (Bangkok Airways also uses ATR 72), you’ll find seats arranged in a 3-3 configuration.

Bangkok Airways Economy Class Cabin

While the interior isn’t particularly modern, the seats are relatively thick and come with a comfortable cloth padding. The blue colors make the cabin look like you’re flying a leisure airline, which fits the overall scheme of the airline.

Bangkok Airways Economy Class Seat

The seat pitch is very good, which is one of the best points about the comfort in the Bangkok Airways Economy Class. Even a taller person can easily stretch here.

Bangkok Airways Economy Class Seat Pitch

All in all, the seating in the Bangkok Airways Economy Class is totally fine for regional flights.

Catering in the Bangkok Airways Economy Class

To my surprise, on our one hour flight from Koh Samui to Bangkok, the airline had a full meal service. We were served a tray, which had a main dish (fish, no other option), a dessert and some water.

Bangkok Airways Economy Class Seat

I was a little surprised that the only option was fish, but the meal was quite good. The dessert on the other hand was a little too sweet for my taste. What I found really crazy about Bangkok Airways was the service. There was a total of three drink rounds on a flight that short.

Bangkok Airways Economy Class Service

First, there were water and soft drinks, then there was coffee and tea and then there was the option to get another cold drink. Crazy.

Entertainment in the Bangkok Airways Economy Class

I didn’t expect a lot in terms of entertainment on such a short flight and obviously, I wasn’t disappointed. Bangkok Airways offers a board magazine with Thai and English content.

Bangkok Airways Economy Class Entertainment

Then there are also overhead monitors, which mainly show ads.

Bangkok Airways Economy Class Entertainment

There’s no WiFi or anything, but that’s also nothing I would have expected on such a flight.

Overall impressions of Bangkok Airways

While expensive, I thought that Bangkok Airways is a great airline. The comfort on board is high, the catering is exceptional and the entertainment options are alright. All that combined with a nice ground experience for Economy Class flights, makes me recommend Bangkok Airways. If you happen to fly domestic in Thailand, you definitely can’t go wrong with Bangkok Airways!

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