City Guide: Würzburg

Würzburg is a medium-sized German city close to Frankfurt. The Bavarian city has a troubled past and was mostly destroyed in the Second World War. However, there are still several nice areas, making Würzburg a very interesting city to visit!

In this City Guide, we’ll explain what you should see in Würzburg and why visiting is an enjoyable experience. To be honest, my visit was especially great as I was blessed with great weather, which you’ll also see when looking at the pictures. However, I’m sure you’ll enjoy visiting Würzburg even if the weather isn’t that great.

The River Main and the Alte Mainbrücke Würzburg

The beauty of Würzburg stems from its location at the river Main, which separates the city into two parts. On one side, you’ll find the city center with most attractions, while the other side is more residential, but comes with beautiful pathways along the river.

Additionally, you’ll also find the famous Marienberg Fortress, which I’ll talk about more later on, here.

Würzburg Alte Mainbrücke

However, not only the river itself is scenic, but the so-called Alte Mainbrücke, which is connecting both sides, is a beautiful historic bridge, which itself is a sight.

While we’re just getting started about Würzburg, you might already see why the city is worth visiting!

A blend of historic and new in the city center of Würzburg

The city center of Würzburg might not be the way that you’d expect it to be. Why? Because it’s not as beautiful of an old town as for example Regensburg. As the city got heavily destroyed in the Second World War, only few historic buildings have remained.

Würzburg City Center

The most famous ones include the beautiful Town Hall, which is a little tough to take a picture of, the Augustiner Church and the Neumünster Collegiate Church.

Another real highlight in the city is the Falkenhaus, which comes with a truly beautiful facade.

Würzburg Falkenhaus

Another really unique building is the Marienkapelle, which is a red church immediately in the heart of the city.

Würzburg Marienkapelle

Obviously, there are several more nice churches in Würzburg, but I won’t name them all in this city guide. I’m sure you’ll find them on a city map or recognize them by looking at the pictures.

One last building, I want to particularly mention is the Neue Universität Würzburg. While called “new” in German, it’s actual a beautiful historic building in the South of the city center.

Neue Univesität Würzburg

Don’t be fooled though: This is only a very small part of the (mostly) modern university that is located further out of the city and is one of the most important economic drivers of the city.

Würzburg Residence & the beautiful Court Gardens

The Würzburg Residence (Residenz Würzburg) was built in the early 18th century and is one of the most important buildings in the city. Heavily destroyed in the 2nd World War, the Residence was being restored starting from 1945. Nowadays, the Residence is back to its earlier beauty.

Würzburg Residenz

While I didn’t have time to check it out from the inside (it’s supposed to be very beautiful there, too), I really enjoyed taking a couple of the UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s truly a lovely place.

Würzburg Residenz

Speaking of lovely, it’s worth mentioning the Court Gardens, which surround the Residence. Those are not only massive, but also very well maintained and thus a great place to just wander around.

While it might not be Versailles Castle, the Würzburg Residence should definitely be on your list of places to visit!

Marienberg Fortress & the panorama of Würzburg

When it Wützburg, it’s a must to climb up to the Marienberg Fortress. Located on the other of the river Main, it’s a bit of a walk, but you can easily get up to the fortress in around 20 minutes from the city center.

Würzburg Festung Marienburg

First of all, you’ll pass beautiful gardens, while secondly you’ll enter a massive gate.

Würzburg Festung Marienburg Garten

Once inside the fortress, you might be a little disappointed – at least I was. While there are a couple of historic buildings, you shouldn’t expect particularly special buildings inside.

The views in-between the two parts of the castle might still be the highlight of a visit.

Würzburg Festung Marienburg

Nevertheless, it’s totally worth climbing up to the Marienberg Fortress for the views alone. Aren’t you amazed when you see such a beautiful panorama?

As you can see, the panorama of the city is a real must when visiting!

Overall impressions of Würzburg

Visiting Würzburg was very enjoyable, not only due to the nice weather. The city has a beautiful location right by the river Main, not far are away from Frankfurt (Main). At the same time, you can expect a lovely historic old town, several historic highlights including the Marienberg Fortress and the Residence and several nice parks and pathways along the river. While I’ve only been in the city for three days, I wouldn’t mind returning for a longer visit!

Do you have any questions about Würzburg? Feel free to ask or share your impressions in the comments!

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