Lounge Review: Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo

The Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo is the only airport lounge at the biggest airport in Uruguay. In this lounge review, we’ll explain what you can expect of visiting the lounge with Priority Pass or a business class ticket!

While Montevideo has a beautiful new airport, there are not that many flights leaving from here. As all of these are international flights, there’s just a single airport lounge: The Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo. You can access the lounge with either holding a Priority Pass membership or flying in Business Class. Another option is a frequent flyer status with various airlines.

Seating in the Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo

The Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo is located on the Eastern end of the terminal and is easy to find. The lounge has quite a fancy entrance area, where your documents are checked.

Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo Entrance

After that, you’ll find yourself in the main room of the lounge, which has plenty of different seating, ranging from different kinds of armchairs to comfortable couches.

Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo Seating

This area comes with some natural light, too. There’s not much in the way of views as you’re basically on the same level as the normal terminal, but you can see the gateways in the distance.

Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo Seating

Further into the lounge, there’s another room, which has the buffet as well as some more seating. Here, you can find typical dining tables with two chairs each as well as communal dining tables with high-top seating.

Other than that, the lounge has a relaxation room with a few daybeds.

Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo Relaxation Room

There’s also a nicely done kid’s room.

Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo Kids Room

Last but not least, the lounge offers toilets, but not showers. The toilets were clean.

Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo Toilets

All in all, the layout of the Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo is beautiful, it’s easily one of the nicest airline lounges I’ve seen in my life. The decor is stylish, the interior is modern and the seating is comfortable. The only downside is the lack of views and daylight.

Buffet of the Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo

While I love the “hard product” of the lounge, the soft product of the Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo isn’t right up to the same standards. As most Priority Pass lounges, the one in Montevideo only offers a very basic food selection. There are a couple of finger sandwiches, some ham and cheese and a few pastries.

There are also some chilled options, including various yogurts and some fruit salad, too.

Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo Buffet

The drink selection is a little better with juices, soft drinks, beer, wines and even various spirits.

Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo Buffet

Obviously, there’s also a coffee machine, but the coffee I had wasn’t particularly great. The Aeropuertos Lounge Montevideo even has an additional bar, but it was unmanned when I visited.

Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo Bar

All in all, the buffet options of the Aeropuertos VIP Club are alright, but nothing to write home about.

Entertainment in the Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo

The entertainment options of the Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo aren’t bad either. There’s a selection of (Spanish) newspapers and a few magazines. Then there are a couple of televisions in the lounge, which luckily are on mute, showing news channels. You can also find a small business center, plus there’s free WiFi throughout the lounge. Sadly, the speed of the WiFi isn’t great.

Overall impressions of the Aeropuertos VIP Club Montevideo

If we’re just speaking of the design and interior, the Aeropuertos Lounge Montevideo is a truly phenomenal Priority Pass lounge. That said, the entertainment and food options are not really on the same level. It’s not like that the lounge would be particularly bad in these areas, but it is also not better than other Priority Pass lounges. Taking into account that there is no other lounge in Montevideo, the Aeropuertos VIP Club definitely is the best lounge to hang out before departure!#

Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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