Hotel Review: Sofitel Saigon Plaza

The Sofitel Saigon Plaza is a luxury hotel in Vietnam’s biggest city Ho-Chi-Min-City. The hotel offers modern rooms, a nice club lounge and a great rooftop pool. In this review, we’ll explain why staying here is a good experience.

Ho-Chi-Min-City is a booming hotel and that’s true for tourism as well as hotels, too. The best example is the shiny new and ultra luxurious The Reverie Saigon, which I thought to be a really amazing property. Nevertheless, I decided to try another hotel, too.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Superior Club Room
  • Month of Stay: February

The Sofitel Saigonn Plaza might not be on the very same level, but still offers a very high comfort and a great value for the money. Especially for status members of Accorhotels, the hotel can be a good pick. The location, a good ten minutes walk from the immediate city center, is good, too.

Superior Club Room at the Sofitel Saigon Plaza

Thanks for my Le Club Accorhotels Gold Status, I was upgraded to a Club Superior Room, which came with club access. The room itself wasn’t any different to the “normal” Superior Rooms though.  That means that there is either a King Bed or two small beds, both facing the same flat-screen television, which is mounted above a working desk with a decent office chair.

Sofitel Saigon Plaza Superior Club Room

In the corner of the room, right next to the window, you can find another chair, which allows very nice views of the city through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Sofitel Saigon Plaza Superior Club Room

The view, in general, was quite nice.

I thought that the modern and yet stylish design of the room was very nice and had some great small touches. Nevertheless, the room also felt a little bit cramped, especially in the Twin version.

Sofitel Saigon Plaza Superior Club Room

The bathroom on the other hand was more spacious with a single sink and some storage, a spacious shower, a toilet and a bathtub. Toiletries were provided by Les Notes des Lanvins.

The room also had a minibar and a coffee machine, which I appreciated.

Sofitel Saigon Plaza Superior Club Room Coffee Machine

I also liked the small welcome gift that was put into the room at arrival.

Sofitel Saigon Plaza Welcome Gift

All in all, I thought that the rooms at the Sofitel Saigon Plaza are beautifully designed, but maybe a little on the small side for a luxury hotel.

Club Lounge of the Sofitel Saigon Plaza

We had already checked in at the Club Lounge of the Sofitel Saigon Plaza, which is a nice and spacious room on the hotel’s highest floor.

Sofitel Saigon Club Lounge

Thus, the views of the cities are even better from up here.

Sofitel Saigon Plaza Club View

During the day, you can grab a few smaller snacks and enjoy coffee and cold drinks. However, there are three times a day, where you can get more substantial food. First, there’s a breakfast spread with the typical continental classics and a few additions.

Plus, you can order hot dishes from the kitchen, which I thought was great.

Generally, the quality of the food, the choice and the service were stunning for a club lounge. The afternoon tea was no exception in this regard and came with a lovely selection of small sweets and fruits, but somewhat lacked sandwiches and other savory options.

The evening spread, while without any hot food, was great again. There were several cold options, including things like sushi, salads, small pastries etc. It might not be a dinner substitute, but the quality was incredibly good.

There’s also a set-up with several alcoholic drinks including spirits.

Sofitel Saigon Plaza Superior Club Evening Spread

All in all, I’d say that the club lounge of the Sofitel Saigon Plaza is among the better ones I’ve seen in a Sofitel so far. The food spread could be a little more extensive in the afternoon and evening, but it’s not really bad right now either.

Breakfast at the Sofitel Saigon Plaza

While I had breakfast in the hotel’s lounge one day, the other one I decided to head to the restaurant for breakfast. Oh boy, that decision was so right. Why? Because the choice of dishes was incredible. There are tons of hot options, ranging from Western classics to Asian specialties and local dishes.

I was even more appealed by the cold options, including freshly squeezed juices, fruits cut right on the buffet, sushi, salads, cold cuts, cheeses and several other things.

Sofitel Saigon Plaza Breakfast

Additionally, you can place an order for freshly prepared hot dishes like omelettes with your server.

Sofitel Saigon Plaza Breakfast

Service was friendly and attentive and the quality of the food was beyond great. I really can’t stress enough how good this breakfast was!

Pool & Gym at the Sofitel Saigon Plaza

While everything else at the hotel looked modern and like it was refurbished lately, the gym felt like it hasn’t been renovated for quite a while. There are several treadmills, bikes and other cardio machines, a few strength machines and a good choice of free weights. Yet, all of those were aging quite a bit and the condition of the machines wasn’t the best anymore.

It’s still a good place for a workout, but could definitely use a refresh. The same isn’t true for the pool, which is located on the hotel’s rooftop. It comes with a somewhat odd shape and thus isn’t perfect for swimming laps, but it’s spacious and surrounded by several very comfortable loungers.

The view of the city from up here is another plus and just hanging around on a rooftop pool in a busy city like Ho-Chi-Min-City is a really great experience. Plus, there’s a pool bar serving tasty drinks and various snacks, too.

Sofitel Saigon Plaza Pool Drink

The prices are a little steep, but I’d still say that having a drink here is a cool experience.

Overall impressions of the Sofitel Saigon Plaza

My experience of staying at the Sofitel Saigon Plaza was a very good one. The hotel offers modern and stylish rooms, a very nice club lounge and a great rooftop pool. The breakfast is among the best I’ve ever seen and the food quality in general is very high. All of that combined with great staff makes me very much recommend the Sofitel. That’s especially true as the value for the money is quite good compared to other luxury hotels in the city.

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  1. Hi, As you were upgraded to Club access was the breakfast in the main restaurant free as it would have been in the club lounge ?
    Am Gold so thinking of booking the room type below Club Access in the hope of an upgrade, not a disaster if not as the jump in price is a lot and lounge access is not an absolute must 🙂

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