City Guide: Colmar

Colmar is a little town situated in the Alsace region of north-eastern France. Not only is it known for its beautiful old town, but also for being part of the Alsacian Wine Route.

Its location close to the German border makes it a popular destination for German day-trip tourists.

Timbered Houses Colmar

Timbered Houses Colmar

During our trip we connected a visit in the German city of Freibourg with a trip to Colmar and Barr as well as Strasbourg. All three French cities are well-worth a visit, especially for wine lovers!

Colmar’s well-preserved old town

Colmar is widely known for its beautiful old town with plenty of colorful timbered houses, the river Lauch (German word for leek) as well as its many historical landmarks. Its old town is also often referred to as ‘Little Venice’ due to the small bridges crossing the Lauch as well as the magnificient views you get overlooking the beautiful houses.


Apart from ‘Little Venice’ there are also many traditional restaurants found in the old town of Colmar, but be aware that the old town is quite overrun by tourists and prices are fairly steep.

Koifhus Colmar

Historical Koifhus in Colmar – the eldest public building of the city

If you walk through the old town you will come along the famous Roesselmann fountain, the covered market of Colmar as well as the stunning Saint Martin’s church.

Roesselmann Fountain Colmar

Roesselmann Fountain Colmar

The Roesselmann fountain is a statue created by Auguste Bartholdi in 1888 representing the judge Jean Roesselmann, who is considered Colmar’s first hero.


Colmar also has a historical indoor market (known as ‘covered market’) which offers lots of local products. If you are into Alsacian and French cuisine, this is the place to be!


Saint Martin’s church is a Roman Catholic church built in a Gothic style. It is quite huge for a church and thus often mistakenly referred to as Colmar’s cathedral although it has never held a bishopric seat.

Colmar Parc du Champ de Mars

The town of Colmar also offers some green spaces to hang out and relax in. One very spacious one is the Parc du Champ de Mars near Little Venice, which was constructed to honour Barthélemy de Vanolles. In the centre of the park you find a fountain.


On the other side of the old town there is also a small, newly developed green area known as the Square de la montagne vert. It is located in front of the old hospital, which nowadays hosts the public library.

City centre in Colmar

Apart from the old town, there are also some things to see and do in the city centre. Not only are there many shops and timbered houses, but also the famous Unterlinden Museum which is actually made up of an ‘old’ part and a new building which is found right next to the tourist office.


Alongside the Unterlinden museum you also find the departure spot of the ‘Little Train‘ which takes you around Colmar’s sights in case you don’t want to do sightseeing by walking.


Behind the Unterlinden museum there’s the historical municipal theatre of Colmar, which is quite a nice building to have a look at.

Overall impressions of Colmar

Colmar is a beautiful little town as you can see on our pictures. It is easy to just explore the town by walking around a little. Especially on weekends the old town is, however, overrun by day tourists which makes the visit of the town a little exhausting. Colmar also seemed to be fairly well-known for a small French town, which makes it less of an ‘insider tip’ such as Angers. Nevertheless, for me it is definitely a must see in France!

Do you have any questions about Colmar? Feel free to ask or share your impressions in the comments!

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