Airline Review: Wizz Air

Wizz Air is a low-cost carrier operating various flights within Europe. The airline often offers very affordable flights and thus the experience isn’t great. Read what to expect in this review.

I’m not a big fan of low-cost carriers and mainly avoid them, but there are routes where they are either way cheaper or just the only operating airline. For my flight from Berlin to Chisinau in Moldova, the latter was the case and thus I booked a flight for around 70 Euro (which is quite a lot for booking a Wizz Air flight a few months ahead).

  • Airplane: Airbus A320
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Morning
  • Food: Buy on Board
  • Seat Pitch: 29 Inch (74 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 18 Inch (50 Centimeter)

At booking, you can add a few extras, but for the time being I went with the basic experience. Later on, I added priority boarding, which also comes with a second bag you are allowed to take in the cabin. For an extra 5 Euro, I’d say that this is a great deal.

Seating in the Wizz Air Economy Class

Wizz Air only offers a single class of travel, Economy Class and boarding can be quite a mess. Even with priority boarding it was a little annoying to get on board in Berlin Schönefeld, but that might also be the airports mistake.

Wizz Air Boarding

The Wizz Air configuration is the same on all airplanes and consists of the typical 3-3 arrangement.

Wizz Air Cabin

The seats have a rather disappointing seat pitch of just 29 inches, which makes them a tight squeeze for taller people.

Wizz Air Seat Pitch

While alright for a two hour ride, I didn’t find the leather seats to be very comfortable either. It’s not like other airlines in Europe offer a that much higher comfort, but as Wizz Air has quite some long routes (e.g. Dubai), that’s something to be aware of.

The table and storage available are alright and in line with what other airlines offer.

Wizz Air Table

For normal flights within Europe, Wizz Air does neither offer a better nor a worse comfort than most other airlines I’d say. Only the seat pitch is among the worst in Europe.

Catering on Wizz Air flights

Wizz Air offers the so-called ‘Wizz Café’, which is a buy on board menu with several items. As it’s the norm for low-cost carriers, nothing is included in the fare, not even water. However, prices in the buy-on-board menu are quite fair with drinks and snacks starting at just 2 Euro, combos offer a further reduction.

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It’s worth noting that the catering is limited to snacks with only very few substantial options (e.g. sandwiches) available. Service was friendly enough and we were served drinks within a few minutes. I also appreciated that the service wasn’t as annoying as on Ryanair. Wizz Air flight attendants aren’t actively promoting sales, but just do their job – which I find to be the way better solution.

Entertainment when flying Wizz Air

As you’d expect from a low-cost, no frills airline like Wizz Air, the entertainment options are very limited. The only really option in that regard is a board magazine, which has articles in English.

Wizz Air Board Magazine

It’s quite fun to read for a couple of minutes, but isn’t too substantial either. Wizz Air does neither offer overhead screens, Wi-Fi or streaming entertainment, so I’d recommend that you bring your own stuff to stay entertained.

Overall impressions of Wizz Air

Wizz Air isn’t the most comfortable airline to get from A to B, but it does the trick. The seats are okay for shorter flights, only the seat pitch is disappointing. Boarding can be a mess, but the flight per se isn’t any bad. The catering options are fairly priced and the flight attendants are friendly and don’t try to sell anything unnecessary. All in all, I’d fly Wizz Air again if there’s no other option or the airline is substantially cheaper. My tip would be to definitely add priority boarding as it makes the annoying boarding process way easier.

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2 Comments on “Airline Review: Wizz Air”

  1. This was a nice review because it concentrated on practical things and not complaining about Wizz’s bad customer service. Wizzair is a decent low-cost airline but it has its problems.

    We have also reviewed Wizzair and actually liked it. Only the current baggage policy is poor.

    • Hey Niko, thanks for your feedback. It obviously is “you get what you pay for”. Customer service for Wizz, Ryanair etc. sucks, but the on-board experience is alright. Not great, but cheap and okay.

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