Running in Montevideo

Running in Montevideo is quite an enjoyable experience, especially when you can run along the beachfront. In this guide I’ll take you with me on my run through the city and explain why I enjoyed doing sports in the capital of Uruguay!

When in Montevideo, I was luckily enough to weak up on a sunny morning, which was perfectly inviting for a run.

  • Distance: 5 Kilometers
  • Calories burned: 350-400
  • Month: April
  • Weather: Clear Sky / Cloudy

While there were some clouds, I actually enjoyed the atmosphere with around 20 degrees and a calm weekend morning.

Running in Montevideo

Map of running in Montevideo (tracked by Runtastic)

While I didn’t have a proper park in front of my hotel as I did in Buenos Aires, the Hilton Garden Inn Montevideo isn’t far away from the seafront, so that’s where I headed!

Calm streets and a special cemetery

When I started my run, I decided to just find a way to the water without paying much attention of maps or anything. Thus, I ended up in some calm streets in the neighborhood, which I thought were quite nice.

Running in Montevideo

Even more so was the cemetery I stumbled upon. This might actually be one of the most beautiful cemeteries I’ve seen in my life. It’s called cemetery of Buceo and is definitely worth a visit.

From here, it was just a few hundred meters to the beach front, which is why I decided to just pay the cemetery a quick visit and then go down to where I was originally headed.

Running along the Rambla de Chile

When you get to the sea (it’s actually no the real sea, but a very large channel), you’ll have to cross the Rambla de Chile, which follows the waterfront.

Running in Montevideo

On the other side, you’ll find yourself in a beautiful area with lots of greenery and several small and secluded beaches. It’s quite an odd scenery for a metropolis like Montevideo, but is very nice for running.

Running in Montevideo

I particularly enjoyed the mix between nature, small beaches and various skyscrapers and other city buildings in the distance, it’s definitely special.

Running in Montevideo Running in Montevideo

After approximately two kilometers you’ll get to the famous “Montevideo Sign”, which was very populated by tourists even at this time of the day. However, here you can also continue your run along one of the most beautiful beaches in town, the Playa de los Pocitos.

Running in Montevideo

So, if you have more time, be sure to follow this beach. We’ve also featured it in our Montevideo City Guide!

Back into the business district along nice streets

As I didn’t have all that much time this morning, I decided to head back to the hotel at the Montevideo Sign. The streets leading back into the business district are quite nice, especially in the early morning hours on weekends without lots of traffic.

Running in Montevideo

The views of the skyscrapers in the business district feel a little strange after you’ve just been at the beach, but it’s still sort-of a funny combination.

Running in Montevideo

All in all, I really enjoyed running in Montevideo and can just recommend giving it a try, it’s definitely worth it and a lot of fun!

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