Hotel Review: Novotel Nice Centre Vieux

The Novotel Nice Centre Vieux is a recently renovated hotel, which offers very modern rooms and a nice rooftop pool. While the location isn’t ideal, I’d still recommend the hotel as you’ll see in this review!

While the name “Centre Vieux” suggests that the Novotel is located in the old town, it is actually located next to the conference center and a good 15 to 20 minutes walk to the old town.

  • Classification: Four Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: May

The beach is even further away and the area isn’t particularly nice, but that aside, I really enjoyed my stay at the Novotel Nice Centre Vieux, especially as most modern already feature the new Novotel design.

Executive Room at the Novotel Nice Centre Vieux

For our stay, we were assigned one of the new Executive Rooms, which are approximately 30 square meters big and come with a really nice design.

Novotel Nice Centre Vieux Executive Room

The main room has a comfortable bed with two bedside tables. Opposite, there’s a working desk with a proper working chair and above that, a modern flat-screen television.

Novotel Nice Centre Vieux Executive Room

In one corner of the room, there’s a nice sofa with a small table, while in the other corner, there’s a daybed with another table. Everything is very modern and in a very good condition.

Other features of the Executive Room include a nice minibar filled with some snacks and drinks (all complimentary) as well as a Nespresso coffee machine with a few capsules.

The views aren’t something to talk about though as you’re basically just looking onto some buildings.

Novotel Nice Centre Vieux Executive Room View

Way more attractive is that the room has a small entrance area, where you can find a wardrobe and space to put your luggage before “really” entering the room.

Novotel Nice Centre Vieux Executive Room

The bathroom is a real highlight, too. First, there’s a separate toilet in an extra room.

Novotel Nice Centre Vieux Executive Room Bathroom

Then the main bathroom has a large shower as well as a bathtub with another shower, a rain shower head and a glass wall.

Novotel Nice Centre Vieux Executive Room Bathroom

I’m not sure why there’s this second shower as the main shower is spacious and features an amazing rain shower head and even a special system, which makes it possible to shower with flavored water – something I’ve never seen before.

Last but not least, there’s a a sink with some storage. The only real downside here is that the ceiling was somewhat open, which looked like it was not properly finished. Weird, especially in a newly renovated room.

Novotel Nice Centre Vieux Executive Room Bathroom

All in all, I’d still say that the new rooms at the Novotel Nice Centre Vieux are really nice and I can just really recommends staying in one of those.

Breakfast at the Novotel Nice Centre Vieux

We had booked a rate including breakfast and thus had breakfast in the morning. It’s served in the main restaurant and there’s seating inside and outside. The breakfast selection was a little disappointing though. There are the basics with cold cuts, cheeses, baguette, some fruits and yogurts, but nothing to get excited about.

The very limited hot options only included scrambled eggs and bacon and the quality of the food wasn’t anything to get excited about either.

Novotel Nice Centre Vieux Breakfast

I also didn’t recognize any service as used plates remained untouched and coffee, juices etc. were self-service.

Dinner at the Novotel Nice Centre Vieux

Crazily, our dinner experience at the Novotel Nice Centre Vieux was a whole different story. We felt lazy in the evening and just wanted something nice to eat not far away from the hotel and just settled on the hotel’s restaurant in the end. It comes with a creative menu and several French option and oh boy, the quality was just amazing. Anna had a steak, which did not only look nice, but also tasted that way.

Novotel Nice Centre Vieux Dinner

Even better was the tartar I ordered. It was served “unmixed” and looked phenomenal.

Novotel Nice Centre Vieux Dinner

The server was also kind enough to ask whether she should mix it.

Novotel Nice Centre Vieux Dinner

All in all, the quality was really really good and the service was great, too. Thus, I can’t recommend eating here enough, especially as there’s not much else around.

Pool at the Novotel Nice Centre Vieux

To my surprise, there’s no gym at the Novotel Nice Centre Vieux. However, you can find a pool on the hotel’s highest floor. It’s not really a big pool, but its surrounded by several loungers and has a nice rooftop location.

You can also enjoy views of the area, which is quite nice.

Not a bad place to hang out after a day of work or sightseeing.

Overall impressions of the Novotel Nice Centre Vieux

My stay at the Novotel Nice Centre Vieux was very enjoyable overall. While the location isn’t ideal for sightseeing, the new rooms come with a great design and all the features one might seek out for. The dinner was one of the best I ever had in a hotel and the rooftop pool is a nice addition. The only downside was the weak breakfast and I’d also like to have a gym. If that’s okay with you, I’m sure you can’t go wrong with staying here!

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