Airport Guide: Dunedin

Dunedin Airport is a tiny airport on the Southern Island of New Zealand. As you most likely won’t find many information about the airport online, I’ve summed all important stuff in this airport guide!

New Zealand is a country with lots of very small airports, one of those is Dunedin Airport. However, it’s a nice place to go if you want to do a road trip or want to visit the tiny town, which we’ve already focused on in a City Guide. As Dunedin isn’t a particularly important touristic or business destination, there are only very limited flights.

There’s a total of three airlines flying to Dunedin with Virgin Australia offering the only international flight to Brisbane. Other flights are offered by Air New Zealand (Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington) and Jetstar Airways (Auckland and Wellington).

Shopping and dining at Dunedin Airport

Dunedin Airport is really tiny with just a couple of departures and day. Thus, you shouldn’t expect a lot of shopping options like at Auckland Airport or Brisbane Airport. However, there are at least three food options, including a cafe, a sushi restaurant and an all day dining option. The shopping options include a duty free shop, a book shop and a further shop offering various items you might seek for.

Sleeping at Dunedin Airport

Considering the size of Dunedin Airport, it’s not surprising that there is no airport hotel nearby. Approximately ten kilometers away, you can find some lodges and B&B’s. Some of those options are even four star rated and thus offer a high level of comfort, yet they are not cheap. Otherwise you can also stay in Dunedin itself, where there are several options for any budget. If you are thinking about sleeping at the airport: That’s not possible as it totally closes overnight.

Lounges at Dunedin Airport

Dunedin Airport might be small, but there’s still an airline lounge. Air New Zealand operates a regional lounge, also known as Koru Lounge. It’s open from 6 or 6:30 am in the morning (depending on the day) until the last Air New Zealand flight leaves. Other than that, there are no lounge options in Dunedin.

Transportation at Dunedin Airport

Sadly, Dunedin Airport isn’t connected to the city by public transportation. Thus, you either need a rental car (there are several options at the airport) or take a taxi to the city.

Dunedin Airport

There are also other shuttle services available, which you need to pre-book. However, neither those nor taxis to the city are cheap as it’s a 30 kilometer ride.

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  1. Hi it’s been awhile! I found you again & your in NZ. Yes a shuttle will do to get from the airport to City Centre… mostly every major City in NZ.

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