Destination Guide: Cornwall

Cornwall is one of the most fascinating areas in whole Europe. While you could easily write a piece on each and every part of Cornwall itself, I decided to sum it all up in one guide. I hope that this destination guide for Cornwall will help you plan your trip and enjoy the area as much as I did!

While we only spent four days in Cornwall, we had the chance to see a lot of things and I’m still fascinated by what this part of England has to offer. That’s especially true as reaching Cornwall is quite easy, trains from London take less than four hours and by car, you may be as quick!

The beautiful Lizard Point in Cornwall

We started our tour through Cornwall at the so-called Lizard Point. It’s supposed to offer a beautiful scenery and a good first idea of why Cornwall is so famous for its special coastline. Well, I can safely say that the Lizard Point really did its name justice.

Hiking around a little bit and soaking in the landscape is something I can just highly recommend. Parking here is easy and walking around is alike. You can basically customize how long you stay and there’s even a cafe, where you can get a snack while enjoying the view!

The unique Minnick’s Theatre in Cornwall

Our second stop in Cornwall was Minnick’s Theatre. If you haven’t heard of it before like I did, you might be wondering what you are up to. Well, it doesn’t have to do all that much with the arts (at least not on normal days), but has a fascinating history and is just a plain unique place.

Minnick’s Theatre was built by just men and women, without the help of any modern machines and comes with just a phenomenal scenery and nearly feels surreal.

Especially when soaking in the history and thinking about who this theater was built, you will be truly fascinated. The incredible eye for detail and the once-in-a-lifetime scenery are incredible, too.

The fascinating St. Michael’s Mount in Marazion

Another highlight in Cornwall is St. Michael’s Mount. We spent two nights in Marazion, the neighbooring town. It’s actually quite a cute place itself, but not close as fascinating as St. Michael’s Mount.

This historic castle is only accessible for low tide (at least by foot) as there’s a stone bridge coming out of the water. At other times, you can only access it by boat.

St. Michael's Mount Cornwall

Walking “over the water” is truly fascinating and it was a very fun experience to “run” back when the water started rising (we actually got a little wet).

The castle itself is also an interesting place to explore as it has many rooms, which have a lovely historic charm, while still being used.

St. Michael's Mount Cornwall

All in all, definitely a highlight you shouldn’t miss when visiting Cornwall!

Disappointing Mousehole on a rainy day

If you are checking out spots to visit in Cornwall, Mousehole is often mentioned. Not only because of its cute name, but mainly because it’s supposed to be a lovely fishing village.

Mousehole Cornwall

Well, it might have been the constant rain, but we actually didn’t like Mousehole or at least didn’t see what should be particular charming about it. Thus, I’d rather skip this part of Cornwall.

Charming St. Ives and the St. Ives Train

Another picturesque city in Cornwall is St. Ives. When going there, definitely take the St. Ives Train, which offers an incredible view of the bay on the short ride.

St. Ives Train Cornwall

St. Ives itself is a lovely small city as well. You can get local specialties, walk through lively streets and enjoy the historic atmosphere of the city.

St. Ives Cornwall

Personally, I really enjoyed the views of the harbor, which looked just beautiful with the good weather.

St. Ives Harbour

Yet, I would definitely spend some more time in St. Ives as there’s a lovely hiking path along the coast, which leads you to St. Ives Island. Here, you can not only enjoy great views, but you’ll also find a beautiful beach on the other side of town.

All that said, I’d say that St. Ives is a real must on a tour through Cornwall!

Overly touristic Land’s End in the West of Cornwall

Land’s End is the westernmost point of England and thus has a very special reputation. Sadly, that means that it was developed to a touristic center and comes with a horrible “visitor center” with overprices souvenirs, restaurants and lots of stuff nobody really needs.

That’s quite sad as the scenery just a few minutes away is really beautiful and makes you understand why Cornwall is such a scenic place. So be sure to go to Land’s End, but bring you hiking shoes and explore the area further away from the visitor center.

Like that, visiting Land’s End is really enjoyable and you’re also escaping the crowds.

Busy Tintagle Castle in the North of Cornwall

One of the most famous landmarks in Cornwall is Tintagle Castle, not only because of various movies being screened there. It’s actually an old castle ruin, located on a massive rock, which is partly separated from the mainland.

There are a few nice areas, like a small beach or nice viewing points, at Tintagle Castle and the atmosphere of the ruins in combination with the views of the sea are quite nice, but I didn’t really felt amazed by Tintagle Castle.

The problem of Tintagle Castle might not actually be that it is a very nice place, but that it is so overrun by tourists. It’s not exactly accessible and there are hundreds of steps to take on dozens of stairs, where hundreds of people are cuing. Sure, it’s still a place you should visit when in Cornwall, but I wouldn’t say that you “have to go”.

Charming Gorran Haven in the middle of nowhere

Last but not least I want to speak about a little town most of you have never heard of and that you won’t find in any guides. Why? Because we just stumbled about Gorran Haven due to our hotel choice. It’s a tiny little town in the South of Cornwall, but it has so much charm.

There is a lovely city beach, which has no tourists and there are dozens of lovely hiking paths leading to even more secluded beaches and along a coastline that’s so natural that you’ll feel like you are totally alone there. Such a great place if you are looking to get away from the tourists!

Overall impressions of Cornwall

Exploring Cornwall was a fascinating experience and I can just recommend everyone to visit. There are several incredibly beautiful places, most on the coastline. The scenery from places like Lizard Point or Land’s End are incredibly fascinating and other places like Minnack’s Theatre are just breathtaking. That combined with charming little cities like St. Ives or Gorran Haven makes up for an all around great trip. Personally, I’m usually rather critical, but when it comes to Cornwall, I feel like I can totally recommend a visit. The only downside may be that driving isn’t particularly easy everywhere, but you still definitely need a car to see everything!


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