Transportation in Tallinn

Transportation in Tallinn is quite efficient and developing quickly. There are not only commuter trains, but also a tram and a trolleybus network in Tallinn. In this city guide, we’ll explain what you need to get around the capital of Estonia.

Tallinn has a very efficient and modern commuter rail network with very modern trains, all delivered in the 2010’s. It’s connecting Tallinn with various cities around and serves as an important means of transportation for those living around the city, but working in Tallinn. Other than a commuter railway network, there are also long distance and intercity services.

Trams in Tallinn

As of now, Tallinn has a network consisting of four tram lines. All four lines are meeting each other at the central Hobujaama station. There are basically four branches, two in the east, one in the south and one in the east of the city. Each branch has two lines operating on it, with only the South-Eastern one being separated into two arms for the last three and four stations respectively.

Tram Tallinn

ince 2017, line 4 also serves the airport (Lennujaam) and directly connects it to the city center. While the rolling stock has historically been old soviet trams, new ones are in service since 2016, so there’s a mix of both kinds nowadays. The fare system for trams in Tallinn is very easy and is combined with the one of buses and trolleybuses. Tickets to the airport don’t come with an extra charge.

All tram lines in Tallinn:

  • Line 1: Kopli ↔ Kadriorg
  • Line 2: Kopli ↔ Suur-Paala
  • Line 3: Tondi ↔ Kadriorg
  • Line 4: Tondi ↔ Lennujaam

Buses and Trolleybuses in Tallinn

On routes not served by the tram, public transportation is operated by buses and trolleybuses. The latter are being phased out over time, with only four lines remaining today (lines 1, 3, 4 and 5). You can find these trolleybuses in the west of the city, mainly serving as a way of transportation for commuters. In all other parts of the city, there are regular bus lines, which are usually are numbered 10 and above. There are a couple of express bus lines and feeder lines (very few) for trolleybus and tram stations, but all buses in Tallinn come with the same fare. The whole fare system is combined for all means of public transportation and single tickets are 2 Euro (1 Euro for ISIC holders). There is also a so-called SmartCard, which can be used for several rides. With a 2 Euro deposit, you can buy tickets for 1.10 Euro each, day tickets for 3 Euro, 3-day tickets for 5 Euro, 5-day tickets for 6 Euro and 30-day tickets for 23 Euro. Generally, public transportation is complimentary for those being registered as living in Tallinn.

Taxis in Tallinn

If you are looking for a more private and sometimes quicker way of transportation in Tallinn, you might use taxis. Those are available at several stations throughout the city and can also be called or hailed at the street. Usually, taxis are quite modern cars and offer a high level of safety, even at night.

Taxi Tallinn

Be aware that there are no fixed taxi prices in Tallinn, so all companies can set their own prices. The maximum starting fare is 5.50 Euro and the maximum kilometer fare is 1.10 Euro (during the night, rides can be slightly more expensive than that). Be sure to communicate the price of your ride before boarding.

Other means of transportation in Tallinn

Tallinn is not only a growing business city, but also an important touristic destination nowadays. Due to that, there are various other means of transportation. As a taxi alternative, you may either use Uber or Taxify, while you can also get onto a sightseeing bus if that’s something you like. City bikes are available, too. Other than that, there are ferry services to nearby islands and to Helsinki.

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