Hotel Review: Casa Andina Sacred Valley

The Casa Andina Sacred Valley is a four-star property not far away from famous Machu Picchu. In this review, we’ll explain what you can expect of the hotel and why we think that it is a good choice for a stay in the region.

Hotels in the Sacred Valley are often quite overpriced, which is why the Casa Andina Sacred Valley was our choice for a stay here. With rates of around 100 to 200 Euro per night, the hotel is significantly cheaper than most luxury hotels in the area, while still not being cheap. Overall and thanks to an unexpected upgrade we had a nice stay. The check-in process was a little sloppy though as the employees weren’t especially friendly or quick in the process.

Suite at the Casa Andina Sacred Valley

While we had booked a standard room at the Casa Andina Sacred Valley, we were actually upgraded to a suite thanks to my Status – something that never happened to me before. The suite was located in a two-story building.

Casa Andina Sacred Vallley Gardens

Upon entering, there’s a small entrance area and then, just a few meters further, a staircase. On the lower floor, you can find the living room, which has a window to the garden and some sparse furniture. There’s a sofa, a table with two chairs and then in the corner a working desk with another (uncomfortable) chair.

Then on the upper floor, you’ll find the bedroom, which just has a luggage read and a very spacious King Bed with two nightstands. I thought that the bad was very comfortable and I also liked that there were several pillows already waiting for us.

Next to the bedroom, you can find a small balcony, which allows some nice views of the gardens.

Casa Andina Sacred Valley Suite Bathroom

While I generally liked the suite, that wasn’t the case for the bathroom, which looked somewhat in need of a renovation. Upon entering, you’re in the first rom of the bathroom, which has a sink and some sort of a wardrobe.

Through another door, you’re getting to the second part of the bathroom, sporting a shower-tub combo with a decent enough shower head as well as a toilet.

All in all, I’d say that the suite at the Casa Andina Sacred Valley is nice enough. It’s spacious, comfortable and offers a very nice balcony. At the same time, the design in general and the bathroom in particular don’t really hit the spot.

Breakfast at the Casa Andina Sacred Valley

All rates at the Casa Andina Sacred Valley include breakfast. Despite our early departure to Machu Picchu, we were able to grab breakfast, which I thought was a nice touch. However, the selection at the buffet is somewhat lacking. There is a selection of fresh fruits, some cold cuts, a few rolls, toast as well as cookies and mueslis.

Then there were some hot options, including scrambled eggs, pancakes as well as some meat with veggies (which is an odd option for breakfast). Sadly, the quality and the choice weren’t really good for a hotel with this price tag.

At least, there were eggs prepared to your liking and I enjoyed a decent omelet.

Casa Andina Sacred Vallley Breakfast

Service was a little sloppy, but my egg order was brought out after just a few minutes, so there’s nothing to really complain about. All in all, I wouldn’t go into this breakfast with high expectations.

Dinner at the Casa Andina Sacred Valley

We also ended up having dinner at the Casa Andina Sacred Valley one evening. The hotel’s restaurant serves dinner every evening and there’s a nice menu featuring local dishes. I particularly enjoyed my alpaca steak, which was tasty and filling.

Casa Andina Sacred Valley Dinner

Anna didn’t enjoy her chicken dish as much and it didn’t really look appealing either.

Casa Andina Sacred Valley Dinner

The service in the restaurant wasn’t great either. Nevertheless, I’d still say that eating here is okay, especially given that there are not really any options around.

Gym & gardens of the Casa Andina Sacred Valley

The Casa Andina Sacred Valley comes with a spacious garden thanks to the open layout of the hotel. There are several green areas in between the different buildings and there are various flowers, too.

I particularly enjoyed the views of the mountains in the distance. There’s also some seating in the some areas as well as one or another hammock. Sadly, the gym isn’t that nice as it’s just a very small room with some old equipment.

There are two treadmills, a bench, a strength machines and some free weights. While not great, I think that the equipment is alright for a basic workout.

Overall impressions of the Casa Andina Sacred Valley

The Casa Andina Sacred Valley definitely is no ultra-luxurious hotel, but it ticks the box when it comes to the basics. The rooms and suites are spacious and come with a comfortable bed, the location is close to the Machu Picchu train and the gardens are a nice touch. The breakfast and dinner might not be great, but they are not bad either. All in all, I’d recommend staying here if the price is right.

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  1. Nice review. We stayed at a Casa Andina property in Arequipa. It had great public spaces, but the rooms were definitely dated. I’d give them another try, next time I’m in Peru though. Cheers!

    • Hey Tim, thanks for sharing your impressions. Arequipa in general isn’t all that attractive when it comes to hotels. I’ll definitely check out a few when I’ll be in Peru next time 🙂

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