Lounge Review: SAS Lounge Paris CDG

The SAS Lounge Paris CDG is the only international lounge of the airline. While it is generally a nice lounge, it tends to fill up quickly and is lacking in the food and beverage area. Check out our review to learn more about the lounge.

Paris Charles de Gaulle is no great airport when it comes to lounges, especially in Terminal 1. Here, you can find the Star Alliance Lounge Paris and the Lufthansa Lounge Paris, among others. However, due to the architecture of the terminal, the SAS Lounge is the only lounge in its concourse, where SAS, LOT and some other flights are departing. Especially closer to departures of SAS flights, the very small lounge tends to fill up, which is a little annoying.

Seating in the SAS Lounge Paris CDG

The problem with the crowding of the SAS Lounge Paris CDG is that it’s really small lounge. Thus, it feels full with just 15 people in. After entering, you’re immediately at the reception. From here, the buffet and some high-top seating area located to the right.

SAS Lounge Paris CDG Seating

Straight ahead is some more traditional lounge seating with armchairs, which come with small tables next to them. Then, in the corners of the lounge, there’s some more seating of different kids.

Weirdly enough, some seating is nothing but some cloth on the wooden bench along the window. That should get you an idea of how comfortable seating is when the lounge fills up.

Nevertheless, I think that the SAS Lounge Paris CDG is quite nice when leaving aside the space constraints. The lounge has a large window front and feels very bright. The views of the airplanes right in front of the window is quite nice, too.

SAS Lounge Paris CDG View

The modern and stylish design of the lounge is another perk. All in all, I’d say that the new SAS Lounge in Charles de Gaulle is really nice if there are not too many other people.

Buffet of the SAS Lounge Paris CDG

A general problem of SAS Lounges, even at hubs like Oslo or Stockholm, is the lacking choice of food options. When I visited the SAS Lounge Paris in the morning, there was just a very basic food display. There were some cold cuts, a few veggies, hard boiled eggs, whole fruits, some muesli and a few not particularly special bread rolls.

The drink choice in the morning includes soft drinks, juices as well as beers in a fridge. Other alcohol wasn’t on display but is brought out later in the day. All in all, a rather disappointing selection of food choices for an airport lounge.

Entertainment in the SAS Lounge Paris CDG

An area where the SAS Lounge Paris CDG made a good impression on me is entertainment. The lounge offers a communal working table on the window front. Here, you can find a computer as well as some “free” stations. The chairs aren’t particularly comfy, but the view is very nice.

SAS Lounge Paris CDG Business Center

Then there is a selection of international newspapers and magazines available near the entrance of the lounge. WiFi is free and comes with very good speeds.

SAS Lounge Paris CDG Newspapers

As we’re speaking of a European lounge airport lounge, there’s not a lot I’d expect additionally.

Overall impressions of the SAS Lounge Paris CDG

After it’s months-long renovation, the SAS Lounge Paris has gotten very nice and stylish. The lounge offers modern seating, nice views, good entertainment and an average buffet. If the crowding wouldn’t be an issue from time to time, this would actually be my favorite lounge at Paris CDG. Thus, be aware of the small size of the lounge as crowding often is an issue, especially right before SAS flights.

Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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