Transportation in Montreal

Transportation in Montreal is organized by train, an underground metro as well as buses. In this transportation guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about getting around in the city!

Montreal does not only have an extensive public transportation network in the city itself, but also further outside. For example, there are daily train services to several cities in the region, including Toronto, Quebec City and even New York City. There are also several commuter rail services, which connect Montreal with its suburbs.

Metro in Montreal

The most important means of transportation in Montreal is the metro, which operates daily on a very regular schedule. There is a total of four line,s all built a few decades ago. While there have been a couple of extensions, nothing has been touched recently. As of now, there are four lines, with the Yellow Line being just a very short line with three stations, connecting Montreal Island with the Université de Sherbrooke.


Four stations in the Montreal Metro Network are particularly important as exchange stations: Jean-Talon (Orange & Blue Line), Berri-UQAM (Orange, Green, Yellow Line), Lionel-Groulx (Orange & Green Line) and Snowdon (Orange & Blue Line). The metro can be used with an OPUS Card, which is also valid for buses.

Metro Lines in Montreal:

  • Line 1 (Green): Angringon <-> Honoré-Beaugrand
  • Line 2 (Orange): Côte-Vertu <-> Montmorency
  • Line 3 (Yellow): Berri-UQAM <-> Université-de-Sherbrooke
  • Line 4 (Blue): Snowdon <-> Saint-Michel

Buses in Montreal

Supporting the four metro lines in Montreal are more than 100 bus lines, which are operating throughout the city. The neighboring cities like Laval have there own additional bus network, which partly is connected to the Montreal Metro. In Montreal, the buses operate in the American system with most lines going along one major road.

Montreal Bus

Tickets are available through the integrated OPUS Card system. This means that passengers can get one card, which can be used for several trips through loading money onto the card or buying monthly subscriptions plans. Generally, all fares in Montreal (not including neighboring) cities come with the same fare, which is valid for a journey of up to 120 minutes.

Taxis in Montreal

Obviously, there are also hundreds of taxis operating in Montreal. The fares are relatively fair and taxis are a quick and easy way to get from A to B. The cars are usually clean and relatively modern. Fares normally start at 3.50 CAD (~ 2.30 Euro / 2.70 US-Dollar), while each kilometer is charged 1.70 CAD (~ 1.30 Euro / 1.10 US-Dollar).

Montreal Taxi

As an alternative, there are ride sharing apps like Uber, but in Montreal, I didn’t really make a good experience with those.

Other modes of transportation in Montreal

Montreal has an extensive bike sharing service, making it possible to explore the city in that way. There are also several bike paths within the city, which is why getting around isn’t that challenging. Other than that, there’s a summer time ferry service to Longueuil. Hop-on-hop-off buses for sightseeing purposes are operating year-long in Montreal.

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