Train Review: italo Club Executive Class

The italo Club Executive Class might be the most comfortable way to travel by train in Italy. In this review, I’ll explain what you can expect of the premium experience!

italo is the name of a private Italian train operator, offering service on various routes in Italy. The trains are ultra-modern and offer four classes of service: Smart, Comfort, Prima and Club Executive. Each level offers certain additional benefits with Executive Class being on top of the list. My experience with the train was extremely good as I’ll explain in this review.

Seating in the italo Club Executive Class

When boarding the italo train, I first walked through the Prima Class, which looked very spacious and comfortable already with seats in a 1-2 configuration.

italo Prima Class

Club Executive Class comes with the same arrangements, but in a way smaller cabin of just a couple of seats, which are all very high quality leather seats.

italo Executive Club Class

There are different arrangements with both, single and double seats with or without a big table. All other seats have a spacious table, which you can fold down from the seat in front of you.

italo Executive Club Class

The seats have a decent recline and are very comfortable. Especially compared to the ICE First Class and the TGV First Class, I was really amazed how comfortable the seats are.

italo Executive Club Class italo Executive Club Class

Not surprisingly, the seat pitch in the italo Club Executive Class is amazing, too. Overall, you can hardly sit more comfortable in a train.

italo Executive Club Class

Plus, there’s a special Club compartment, which can be booked as one and thus be used for meetings. It was empty on my journey, so I snapped a picture.

italo Executive Club Class

I don’t think there’s more to say as the italo Executive Class is the most comfortable train seating I’ve ever seen or experienced – well done.

Catering in the italo Club Executive Class

When booking an italo Club Executive Class ticket, you enjoy a range of complimentary catering options. The italo homepage describes the offerings as follows: “expresso coffee and a mouthwatering selection of Italian sandwiches, bakery products and drinks.” I had a water, a coffee (very good), some nuts and cookies.

italo Executive Club Class Catering

I could have asked for a sandwich, too, but just wasn’t hungry at the time. Yet, the catering was definitely better than in other trains with included catering in the highest class of service like the Cross Country First Class in England. It’s also worth noting that this is one of the main differences between Executive Class and Prima Class as the latter only gets a welcome service, while in italo Executive Class you can order drinks, snacks etc. as often as you like.

Entertianment in the italo Executive Club

Let’s get to something really unbelievable in the italo Executive Class. I’m used to modern entertainment, including WiFi on trains. Even the German ICE trains nowadays have streaming entertainment and WiFi, but the italo Executive Club Class has built-in 9 inch monitors at each seat. But that’s not all, you can also access high-speed WiFi and streaming entertainment through your own device.

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Plus, there are various newspapers and magazines (all in Italian) available, which are offered to you by the service personal. Well, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a train with better entertainment offerings!

Additional services in the italo Club Executive Class

It’s worth noting that italo Club Executive Class passengers enjoy an array of additional services. Those include fast track in Milano and Rome, lounge access at various train stations and more. What really amazed me though was the service. I was alone in the cabin on my journey and was constantly asked for any wishes, incredible.

Overall impressions of the italo Club Executive Class

It doesn’t happen often that I’m really speechless about a travel experience, but the italo Executive Club is without any doubt the best train experience I’ve ever had. Taking more than 50 rides a year, I think that’s quite a statement. Sure, the Executive Club Class isn’t cheap, but it’s well worth it. Wow, just wow!

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4 Comments on “Train Review: italo Club Executive Class”

  1. How does one reserve the private meeting room in club executive? I have had no luck finding out.

    • This may be a late reply but could be useful for others doing research. I just booked a salotto for my wife, son and I traveling in June of next year from Rome to Venice. When choosing the ticket class on the Italo site, there was an option for me to choose club or club with salotto. There are only 2 salottos per train, so if they get booked it probably won’t show as an available option. The date of my travel just became available so I booked probably the earliest possible. The other salotto was already taken for my trip.

  2. Hi Chris,
    I am looking into booking a Salotto for my family of 3 traveling June this year from Firenze SMV to Venezia S. Lucia. The date of my travel will be on June 15 and it isn’t available to purchase yet. I am just curious to see if you were able to get a discount for booking early? It isn’t cheap for the trip which is 67,50 euro per person for the dates available now.
    Anyone has any idea when the site will be available for purchase beyond June 13 2020?
    Thank you!

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