Running in Lyon

Running in Lyon

Running in Lyon is a beautiful experience, especially due to the two rivers crossing town. I was lucky enough to go running on a sunny morning, which made the experience even more enjoyable. Check out the beautiful experience that is running in Lyon!

There are so many French cities, which are really charming, but Lyon is definitely one of the highlights.

  • Distance: 3 Kilometers
  • Calories burned: 200-300
  • Month: May
  • Weather: Sunny

If you are lucky enough to stay central and have nice weather in the morning, there’s not a lot that’s better than going for a run.

Map of Running in Lyon

Map of Running in Lyon (tracked by Runtastic)

For my run, the weather was just plain perfect, making up for a brilliant atmosphere to go for a run! Sadly, I was a little short on time, but other than that the conditions were really great!

Starting at Place Antonin Poncet & Pont de la Guillotière

I had the pleasure to start my run at the Hotel Royal Lyon in the middle of town, right at Place Bellecour. A really amazing place to start your run, as you just have to cross the Place Antonin Poncet to get to the Rotten River.

Running in Lyon

Here, you can just cross the next bridge, which is the Place Antonin Poncet, to get a really nice running path on water level. Yet, you should first soak in the incredible views you can enjoy while standing on the bridge!

Running in Lyon

Let me tell you know that is really tough to keep focused on running with such a brilliant scenery!

Enjoyable running along the water & bridge watching

When you have crossed the bridge, you just have to descend to the water level, where you are further away from the street noise and better soak in the atmosphere.

Running in Lyon

The cool thing about Lyon is that this Promenade right be the water continues for several kilometers, making it possible to just enjoy the views of the river and the bridges passing by when running.

Running in Lyon

The cutest bridge is definitely the Passarelle du College, which deserves a special mention, in my opinion.

Running in Lyon

I just went on until Pont Morand, but you can go way further and I’m sure it’s worth it as the part of the promenade I’ve been running at was really beautiful.

More impressions on the way back to the hotel

While I could surely write a couple of more hundred words about my run in Lyon, I think that pictures are a better way to tell the story. How about the nice view of these houses on the riverbank?

Running in Lyon

Or just generally the lovely scenery you can enjoy when running along the water?

Running in Lyon

Even crossing bridges feels somewhat cool when running in Lyon.

And then there’s the cool Place Antonin Poncet with its flower art again.

Running in Lyon

Last but not least, soak in the empty Place Bellecour with some of Lyon’s famous sights in the background.

Running in Lyon

I’m sure you’re sold that going for a run here is hart to beat. And no worries, even though this running guide reads like an advertorial, it’s not, I just tremendously enjoyed this particular run!

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