Airline Review: Silk Air Business Class

The Silk Air Business Class offers a high level of comfort for shorter flights within Asia. In this review, I’ll explain what you can expect of flying with the airline!

I’ve had the chance to fly with Silk Air on various different routes, including Singapore to Koh Samui, Yogyakarta to Singapore and Singapore to Phuket. While the first two flights were operated by an Airbus A319 with the “old” Business Class, the last one was operated by a newer Boeing 737 MAX aircraft with new seats. Nevertheless, I thought that all flights offered a rather similar level of comfort, which I’ll describe in more detail in this extensive review.

Seating in the Silk Air Business Class

The Silk Air Business Class consists of three rows with two seats each. In the Airbus aircraft, you’ll experience older, but more massive brown leather seats.

These are very comfortable and offer an adjustable headrest as well as a foot rest. The seat pitch is very good, too and you can adjust the seat quite a bit, making it a comfortable experience for shorter flights.

Silk Air Business Class Seat Pitch

The Silk Air Business Class on the Boeing 737 MAX looks a little different with slimmer leather seats, which look way more modern.

They are a little less comfortable overall, but come with a foot- and legrest and are also adjustable quite a bit, making it possible to doze off comfortably. The seat pitch of these seats feels even wider, making it easy to stretch out a bit.

Silk Air Business Class Boeing 737 Seat Pitch

Both types of seats offer some storage underneath the middle console and in the back of the front seat. Especially the seat pocket of the front seats is massive, so you should be able to even store larger items, including laptops.

All in all, I think that the Silk Air Business Class offers all the comfort you need for shorter flights within Asia. It’s worth noting though that Silk Air also flies some longer routes, to China, Japan and Australia, so the seat might be a little less comfortable for these flights.

Catering in the Silk Air Business Class

When flying in the Silk Air Business Class, you are first offered a welcome beverage, which doesn’t include alcoholic beverages.

Silk Air Business Class Welcome Drink

Then before takeoff, you are presented a menu showing you the starter, the desert and two options for a main dish, which you can choose from.

Silk Air Business Class Lunch

Quickly after departure, a tray with the starter, the dessert, the cutlery and a glass of water is brought out.

Silk Air Business Class Lunch

The main dish usually follows quickly after and is served always hot, never just lukewarm.

I’d say the salad served is a little weird, at least for an European taste as it has some odd items. The desserts, often a matcha cake, are a bit on the dry taste.

Silk Air Business Class Boeing 737 Lunch

The main dish however is not only very big, but also very good. All options I tried, including chicken, beef and seafood, were very good and totally filling.

Silk Air Business Class Boeing 737 Lunch

Another highlight is the very good choice from the bread basket, of which I particularly enjoyed the tasty garlic bread. Drinks and refill are constantly offered and you can also choose alcoholic beverages. Service was generally spotless on all my flights, making the flights a comfortable experience.

Entertainment in the Silk Air Business Class

The entertainment options on my Silk Air flights somewhat varied. On one flight, the only means of entertainment were a board magazine and a shopping magazine alongside a choice of newspapers and further magazines.

Silk Air Business Class Entertainment

On another flight, there was streaming entertainment offered for your own devices, which had movies, series and some music.

Then the third flight not only had streaming entertainment, but I was also given a tablet with several entertainment options available. I’m not sure quite sure when or why you get what, but generally I think that the entertainment options are excellent for regional flights.

Overall impressions of the Silk Air Business Class

I’d definitely recommend flying the Silk Air Business Class in a heartbeat. The seats are comfortable, the crews are very kind and the food is good. Entertainment varies, but is very good for regional flights, too. My impressions might change on longer flights, but especially for the shorter hops from Singapore, you definitely can’t go wrong with flying Silk Air!

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