Airport Guide: Jorge Chávez International Airport Lima

The Jorge Chávez International Airport Lima is the major airport in Peru and one of the biggest airports in South America. The airport is the hub for Avianca and LATAM Peru and plays an important role for international flights from and to South America.

The number of international hubs in South America is quite limited, especially in the West. Lima, together with Bogota and Santiago de Chile, is one of the major airports in the area. Not only are there dozens of domestic connections, but there are tons of international flights to and from Lima, too. International flights include destinations in North America and Europe.

Lima Flughafen

Two airlines are dominating the market in Lima, LATAM Peru and Avianca Peru, both part of the respective dominating airline groups in South America.

Shopping and dining at Lima Airport

Personally, I didn’t really enjoy my time at Lima Airport, neither in the domestic nor the international terminal. There are obviously a couple of shopping and dining options, including some before and after security. You can get a full meal in restaurants, a snack at a bar or just a coffee and there are even some international chains like Starbucks, but it all seems kinda stuffy.

Lima Airport Shopping

The shopping options include the typical daily needs shops, pharmacies, book shops and such. The international terminal has a somewhat more diverse shopping landscape, including some clothes and jewelry shops.

Sleeping at Jorge Chávez International Airport Lima

Generally, it’s possible to spend a night at Lima Airport as it’s open 24 hours a day. There are departures until late at night and very early in the morning, starting from 3 am, so it’s always somewhat busy. You might not be able to sleep very well, but at least can sit on one of the benches. If you are looking for more comfort, there’s an airport hotel right opposite of the airport building.

Costa del Sol Wyndham Lima Airport Queen Room

We spent a night at the Costa del Sol Wyndham Lima Airport and thought the hotel, which has a pool, a gym and a 24 hours restaurant to be okay. It’s not luxurious by any stretch and a bit too expensive, but generally recommendable for a night at the airport.

Lounges at Jorge Chávez International Airport Lima

What’s interesting about Lima Airport as an international hub is that the airport doesn’t offer any airport lounges operated by an airline. Neither LATAM nor Avianca have either a domestic or an international lounge. Flying LATAM, we once got access to one of the three independent lounges and restaurant vouchers the other time. For domestic flights, there’s generally no lounge access with these airlines.

Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima Seating

The three lounges at the airport can be accessed by various ways. All of the lounges can be accessed by paying cash at the door as well as various Peruvian credit cards. Priority pass is only available for access to one of the lounges, while you can also get a credit a two restaurants with that membership. Additionally, some airlines allow access for premium passengers and status members.

Transportation at Lima Airport

At the moment, Lima Airport isn’t connected to the cities metro network. However, line 2 and 4 are supposed to have stops at the airport in the near future. As of now, the main connection to the city is the Airport Express Lima, a regularly operated bus between the airport and Miraflores. Otherwise, there are a couple of local buses, too. Taxis and Uber drivers are available at the airport additionally. Rides to the city aren’t cheap, but not too expensive either as the ride takes around 30 to 60 minutes.

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  1. I think you’ll find that the first photo is actually of Ministro Pistarini International Airport, Buenos Aires, rather than Jorge Chávez International Airport, Lima.

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