Hotel Review: Hilton Belfast

The Hilton Belfast is a standard chain hotel, located not far away from the city center. In this hotel review, I’ll explain what’s good about the property and where there’s room for improvement!

There are not too many great hotels in Belfast, which makes the Hilton one of the best choices in the city. I’d say the hotel is pretty much on the same level as other UK Hiltons like the Hilton Cardiff.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: January

The location is very good though as it’s just a quick walk to the city center and you are basically at the waterfront. Check-in was smooth as well and we were upgraded to an Executive Room on the highest floor thanks to my Hilton Honors Diamond Status.

Executive Room at the Hilton Belfast

The Executive Room at the Hilton Belfast offers the typical basics of a room at a Hilton. It has the usual shape and comes with a comfortable enough King Bed with two nightstands.

Hilton Belfast Executive Room

Then right next to the bed, there’s a rather basic chair next to a table.

Hilton Belfast Executive Room

Then opposite of that you can find a working desk with a comfortable and ergonomic turning chair.

Hilton Belfast Executive Room

Next to the large working desk, you can find the flat-screen television.

Hilton Belfast Executive Room

Other than that, there’s a luggage rack, a minibar and some wardrobe spaces as well as a cattle. The views of the river on the top floor were quite nice and one of the highlights of the room.

Hilton Belfast Executive Room View

The bathroom on the other hand was just average. It has a bathtub shower-combo with a shower curtain, a single sink and a toilet.

Hilton Belfast Executive Room Bathroom

At least, the shower head is quite decent and allows for a comfortable shower.

All in all, a clean and comfortable room without any highlights, but without major downsides either.

Executive Lounge at the Hilton Belfast

On the highest floor, just steps from our room, the Hilton Belfast offers a rather cozy Executive Lounge, which Diamond members and those staying in Executive Rooms and above have access to.

Hilton Belfast Executive Lounge

The lounge isn’t really big and mainly has couches and a few tables with chairs.

Hilton Belfast Executive Lounge Evening Spread

The choice of snacks and drinks is quite limited, too. During the day, you can get soft drinks, fruits and some croissants left from breakfast.

Hilton Belfast Executive Lounge Evening Spread

Then in the evening, there are alcoholic beverages including wines and spirits on display alongside a basic choice of snacks. Those include a few fried things like chicken and spring rolls as well as some cheese, bread and veggies.

Hilton Belfast Executive Lounge Evening Spread

Really nothing to get excited about, but good for a basic snack. There’s also a breakfast spread in the lounge, but it’s very small, so I’d definitely recommend eating in the restaurant.

Room Service at the Hilton Belfast

We ended up having room service at the Hilton Belfast on our arrival day and just ordered a pizza and some cheese bread. The cheese bread was quite good.

Hilton Belfast Room Service

The pizza wasn’t bad either, but it was a little surprising that it was served in a typical delivery box, which isn’t something you’d expect in a five star hotel.

Hilton Belfast Room Service

Nevertheless, it was alright for the money paid, but again nothing to get excited about.

Breakfast at the Hilton Belfast

Breakfast at the Hilton Belfast is served in the hotel’s restaurant on the ground floor. Here, you can get the typical English breakfast options, including various hot dishes.

Then there are fruits, but many looked like they were actually coming from tins. You can also enjoy a basic selection of cold cuts, cheeses, veggies etc. The choice of bread rolls is rather basic, but the croissants are tasty.

Last but not least, the highlight of breakfast at the Hilton Belfast are the freshly prepared omelets.

Hilton Belfast Breakfast

There’s nothing really wrong about breakfast here, but for a Hilton I thought that there could be more and somewhat higher quality options.

Gym at the Hilton Belfast

There’s no pool or sauna at the hotel, but you can find a small gym. It was average equipment, but felt clean, modern and in a good condition.

Hilton Belfast Gym

There are a couple of treadmills and other cardio equipment alongside a few strength machines and free weights.

As you’d expect, there’s all you need for a basic workout, but nothing more.

Overall impressions of the Hilton Belfast

When reading my review, you most likely already realized that I thought that the Hilton Belfast was really average. There’s nothing terribly bad about this place, but it didn’t excite me one bit. The rooms are nice enough, the lounge is okay, the breakfast is alright, the gym does the trick. If you are looking for a comfortable place to stay when in Belfast, you can’t go wrong with the Hilton, but don’t expect anything more.

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  1. Hmmm, I’m using the Hampton there in a few weeks. Just easier it being next to the station… These days I think more about location than anything else…

    • Hey Mel, I totally get that point. It’s often about what you are in town for. I’m currently in China for a while and here, location is everything. Getting from one point to another in cities like Shanghai and Beijing can take hours… it’s crazy!

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