Lounge Review: Berlin Airport Club

The Berlin Airport Club is the only Priority Pass Lounge at Berlin-Tegel Airport. This competitive edge might actually be the only reason to visit the lounge as everything else is rather disappointing as you’ll read in this review.

If there’s an airport in Germany, which really disappoints in terms of lounges, then it is Berlin-Tegel (alongside Berlin-Schönefeld). The Air France Lounge isn’t great, the British Airways Lounge is not any better and the Lufthansa Business Lounge is quite average, too. Not even the Lufthansa Senator Lounge is a really nice lounge. Well, good news is, all these lounges are better than the Berlin Airport Club. The lounge is located in Terminal A in the middle of the main building. It’s located landside, which is the sad truth of all lounges in this terminal.

Seating in the Berlin Airport Club

I’ve visited the Berlin Airport Club lately, but the only picture of the lounge I can present you is one in which it looks crowded. Well, this was the best moment as the lounge has never been more empty.

Berlin Airport Club

That aside, the lounge is very small with just around two dozens of seats. There are a couple of typical lounge chairs, a few chairs around tables for dining and then a few other armchairs closer to the window. Well, speaking of the window. While there’s not too much of a view, it’s at least nice that the lounge feels very bright thanks to the large windows.

Berlin Airport Club View

All in all, the Berlin Airport Club is still disappointing in terms of seating, there’s just not enough of it and it’s not terribly atmospheric either.

Buffet of the Berlin Airport Club

Obviously, I took some more pictures of the buffet than of the seating, but there’s not too much to take a picture of either in Berlin’s Priority Pass Lounge.

Berlin Airport Club Buffet

When it comes to food, there are some chips, crackers, a few apples and cookies on display.

Berlin Airport Club Buffet

Then in a small fridge, there’s one type of finger sandwiches as well as one type of cake. That’s it.

Berlin Airport Club Buffet

In terms of drinks, there’s a fridge with water, soft drinks and juices as well as a beer and then there are a couple of lower shelve spirits.

Berlin Airport Club Buffet

The coffee machine isn’t bad, but the coffee isn’t phenomenal either.

Berlin Airport Club Buffet

Even for a Priority Pass Lounge, the food spread is really disappointing.

Entertainment in the Berlin Airport Club

The Berlin Airport Club offers surprisingly many entertainment options. I spotted a few newspapers, even some magazines, which are all only to read in the lounge. Then there’s even a mini business center of sorts, which is actually an area of high-top seating with some privacy. It’s definitely the best place to use your laptop as there are even plugs here.

Berlin Airport Club Business Center

Last but not least, there’s fairly good WiFi, allowing you to work efficiently.

Overall impressions of the Berlin Airport Club

If and only if you are arriving at the Berlin Airport Club at times it’s not crowded, I’d say that the lounge is a better place to hang out before your flight than other areas of the terminal. When I visited it just felt like a zoo, wasn’t any quiet and thus wasn’t a relaxing place. This combined with the fact that there’s hardly any food to speak off, this just isn’t a lounge you really need to visit, in particular as it is located landside. Sure, there are some upsides, like free drinks, a snack and daylight, but those are hardly worth the effort of navigating your way here.

Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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