Hotel Review: Marriott Cologne

The Marriott Cologne is a typical chain hotel, which offers modern and comfortable rooms. In this extensive hotel review, I’ll explain what you can expect of staying here!

Cologne has an interesting hotel market, there are very few luxury choices, but many typical chain hotels. One of those is the Marriott Cologne, which is located just a few steps away from the train station.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Deluxe Room
  • Month of Stay: February

As a Marriott Gold member (back when the programs weren’t merged yet), I got upgraded to a slightly larger Deluxe Room and got access to the Executive Lounge.

Deluxe Room at the Marriott Cologne

My slightly larger room was a corner room, which actually felt a bit empty as the furniture seemed to be for a somewhat smaller room. Nevertheless, I generally liked the design of the room.

Marriott Cologne Deluxe Room

The centerpiece obviously is a comfortable King Bed, which comes with two nightstands.

Marriott Cologne Deluxe Room

Then opposite of that, you can find the typical set-up with a flat-screen television, some storage space and the working desk.

Marriott Cologne Deluxe Room

The latter is spacious enough and comes with a good office chair, allowing for efficient working.

Marriott Cologne Deluxe Room

Furthermore, there’s a lounge chair with an ottoman, which is nice for lounging a bit. There are two windows, which let some light in, but don’t offer phenomenal views. Anyways, I thought that the room at the Marriott Cologne was nice enough and had a stylish modern design.

The bathroom is no highlight, but offers the typical comfort you’d expect at a Marriott.

Marriott Cologne Deluxe Room Bathroom

There’s a single sink with some storage, a toilet and further in the back a shower-bathtub combo.

The shower head was alright, the toiletries were good and everything was clean, so there’s nothing bad to say in that regard either.

Executive Lounge at the Marriott Cologne

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the Executive Lounge of the Marriott Cologne, which definitely is one of the nicer lounges in Germany. It has a modern design and consists of two main areas.

Then there’s also a business center and a display with newspapers.

The highlight though is the terrace with beautiful views of the city.

During the day, snacks are limited to some sweets, chips and nuts.

Marriott Cologne Executive Lounge Snacks

Additionally, there’s a display of some cake in the afternoon.

Marriott Cologne Executive Lounge Afternoon Tea

The evening selection is more extensive with a cold and a hot buffet. The quality was alright, but not outstanding.

Alcoholic beverages including spirits were on offer, too.

Marriott Cologne Executive Lounge Evening Spread

Evening Spread

Overall, I’d say that the lounge at the Marriott Cologne is quite good and worth paying extra for.

Breakfast at the Marriott Cologne

Sadly, breakfast in the restaurant wasn’t included in our room rate, which is why we ended up having breakfast in the Executive Lounge. Here, the breakfast spread is alright, but far from great. There are a few hot options, including eggs, sausages and bacon.

Marriott Cologne Executive Lounge Breakfast

Then there’s a display with several cold options, including cheeses, cold cuts, salmon, veggies and more.

Marriott Cologne Executive Lounge Breakfast

Additionally, there were different kinds of bread and bread rolls available.

Marriott Cologne Executive Lounge Breakfast

The quality is good enough, but it’s definitely not a really great breakfast by any means.

Lunch at the Marriott Cologne

We ended up having lunch on our arrival day. I went with a Caesar Salad, which I thought was good.

Marriott Cologne Lunch

My companions all went with the Wiener Schnitzel, which they said was good, too.

Marriott Cologne Lunch

The prices aren’t too bad either, so ordering room service or dining in the restaurant might be a good option in case you don’t want to head out.

Gym & Sauna at the Marriott Cologne

The Marriott Cologne comes with a gym in the ground floor. It’s a relatively big room, which sadly doesn’t offer any views. However, the equipment is good as there are machines for cardio and strength training as well as free weights.

Right next to the gym, you can also find a small area with a sauna as well as a steam bath.

It’s definitely not the most atmospheric spa area I’ve seen so far, but it’s nice enough if you just want to head for some relaxation.

Overall impressions of the Marriott Cologne

The Marriott Cologne offers exactly what you’d expect from a good city hotel. The rooms are modern and are nicely equipped and designed, in my opinion. The Executive Lounge is surprisingly good and the food options offered aren’t bad either. Lunch was tasty and the staff was friendly, so overall I’d say that the Marriott Cologne is worth recommending, especially if you are looking for a hotel close the Cologne main station.

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