City Guide: Strasbourg

Strasbourg is the biggest city in the French region of Alsace and one of the most interesting tourist destinations in the whole country. In this city guide, we’re explanig what you should see in the city.

The French city Strasbourg is located right on the border to Germany, making it an interesting destination for everyone living close to the city in both regions. That’s not very surprising as Strasbourg is one of the most interesting cities in France, in my opinon.

Waling along River Ill in Strasbourg

Something you definitely shouldn’t miss out on doing in Starsbourg is having a walk along River Ill. The city’s river is going all around the old town, but isn’t only nice for that fact. It’s really nice walking on the small path by the water.


Yet, it’s even nicer that you can spot various beautiful buildings along the way as the path is also great for some sightseeing away from the main hotspots of the city.

Building Strasbourg

The river as such is also very nice itself as you can take great pictures from the many bridges.

River Ill Strasbourg

You can also spot some of the city’s most interesting sights, including the Ancienne Douane.

Ancienne Douane Strasbourg

I particularly enjoyed walking along the river at sunset as the atmosphere is really special then.

River Ill Strasbourg

For me, walking along the river is one of the highlights when exploring Strasbourg.

Strasbourg Old Town and the Cathedral

To get an idea of the charme of the city, you definitely have to see the old town. The city is more historic than anything I’ve seen in Germany or on the border as you can see tons of historic buildings, which are several hundred years old.

Strasbourg Old Town

It’s quite busy in the city center, but it’s still very nice to walk through the little streets and get an idea of the charming city. There are several futher highlights in old town as well, including the famous cathedral, which is just a beautiful building.


Other areas in the city center of Strasbourg that you definitely have to see are the Place Kleber and the Place Broglie. The former is home to the town hall, among other buildings.


The later is where you can find the beautiful Opera de Strasbourg, which is one of the nicest buildings in town.

Opera Strasbourg

There are surely many more areas in the Old Town of Strasbourg, but just by walking around, you’ll definitely see some of the nicest areas.

Petite France and Barrage Vauban Strasbourg

In the South-West of the Grand Ill, where the Old Town is located, you can find one of the most charming parts of Strasbourg, Petite France.


It’s supposed to be one of the most historic parts of not only Strasbourg, but France. There are various cute buildings directly by the water, all that making up for a great scenery.


Not far from here, you can find the Barrage Vauban, which looks fascinating, too.


You can also walk over it, making it possible to enjoy great views of the city.

Barrage Vauban Strasbourg

The combination of the historic buildings and the river are really nice and make this part of Strasbourg particularly nice and enjoyable.

Barrage Vauban Strasbourg

There are a couple of other historic buildings in the area as well, so I’m sure you won’t get bored when walking around a bit.

Eglise National d'Amnistration Strasbourg

Even though there are many more highlights in Strasbourg, this is an area you should definitely see!

The many beautiful churches of Strasbourg

Whether you are into architecture or religion, Strasbourg is a really nice place to explore various churches.

Church Strasbourg

Not only the cathedral is really nice, but there are various other interesting churches like the Saint Thomas Church.

Eglise Saint Thomas Strasbourg

Several of the churches are also located right by the river, for example the Saint Jean Church.

Eglise Saint Jean Strasbourg

My personal favorite is the Saint Paul Church though, which is located at a spot, where the river is separating, making it look particular beautiful.

Elgise Reformee Saint-Paul Strasbourg

The named churches are also just some of the many really nice churches in town, so if you like churches be sure to walk through town for a while to see the many beautiful sacral buildings.

European Parliament and European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg

A little further out of town is another architectural highlight in Strasbourg, the European Parliament. It’s not only the second home of the European Union after Brussels, but also a really interesting building.

European Parliament Strasbourg

What I like more than the building itself though is it’s location right by the water.


The various buildings are spread around the river, making it a really nice place to walk around for a bit.

European Parliament Strasbourg

You can also find a couple of other (somewhat ugly) buildings here, including the European Court of Human Rights.

European Parliament Strasbourg

Another buildin you should definitely see is the Agora Council, which has a somewhat odd design.

Agora Council of Europe Strasbourg

While I wouldn’t say that the European Quarter of Strasbourg is a must visit, it’s quite nice without any doubt.

Other interesting places in Strasbourg

Strasbourg has so many nice areas that it is tough to name all in a comprehensive city guide. For example, the Cercle Mess is really nice.

Cercle Mess de Strasbourg

Even the Gare de Strasbourg is an interesting building, one should at least see from distance.

Gare de Strasbourg

The Place de la Republique with its many historic monuments and buildings is another highlight.

Jardin de la Place de la Republique

Here, you can find the Musée Adolf Michaelis, the Theatre National and the National Library, for example.


Last but not least, the Palais Rohan, located right by the river, is worth a mention.


In my opinion, there are various further areas of town, which are worth seeing, so don’t just stick to what I’m writing about, but explore more of town!

Overall impressions of Strasbourg

Strasbourg has really made an impression on me. The city has so many beautiful areas that it is even tough to sum them all up in a city guide. I particularly enjoyed the various historic parts of town, which are really nice to walk through. At the same time, there is so much more to see in the city, which is why I’d recommend visiting for a couple of days. I’m sure you will enjoy it!

Do you have any questions about Strasbourg? Feel free to ask or share your impressions in the comments!

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