Lounge Review: Saudia Lounge Jeddah

The Saudia Lounge Jeddah International is an average lounge for a hub of an airline. However, as a new terminal has already opened its doors, this lounge will fade in a couple of years. In the meantime, this review explains you what you need to know about the existing lounge!

Flying via Jeddah isn’t the most typical route between Europe and Asia, but it nowadays gets more and more a viable option. The infrastructure isn’t on a good level yet, but that’s supposed to change soon. Nevertheless, I thought the premium experience at the airport is okay, between being brought to the lounge with an extra bus and a special transit line. Only the boarding process wasn’t any good, but let’s get to the Saudia Lounge Jeddah itself.

Seating in the Saudia Lounge Jeddah

The Saudia Lounge Jeddah isn’t particularly large. It’s only one square room, which has the reception in the front and the buffet behind it. Seating is spread around this middle “cube”. What’s positive is that the lounge feels bright during the day due to large windows, allowing views of the apron.

Saudia Lounge Dschidda Ausblick

Most of the seating consists of different kinds of armchairs, some arranged in rows with one seat each, separated by small tables. Other seating consists of two armchairs next to each other facing more.

Saudia Lounge Dschidda

While not particularly creative, most of the seating is comfortable enough for lounging and some seats even have power plugs, which I appreciate.

Saudia Lounge Dschidda

If you are looking for an area to dine or work, you can find a couple of tables with two chairs each on both sides of the buffet.

Saudia Lounge Dschidda

The lounge also offers restrooms, which are small and feel old and tired, but are constantly cleaned.

Saudia Lounge Dschidda Toiletten

Overall, I’d say that the design and comfort of the Saudia Lounge Jeddah is okay. It’s not great by any stretch, but it’s comfortable enough.

Buffet of the Saudia Lounge Jeddah

The buffet of the Saudia Lounge in Jeddah has two sides, one for hot dishes and one for cold ones. Oddly enough, there was no hot food offered during my visit, despite me being there for two to three hours in the evening – it even got dark and it wasn’t Ramadan.

Saudia Lounge Dschidda Buffet

The cold selection was alright, though not great. There were some veggies, salad and olives as well as some feta cheese.

Saudia Lounge Dschidda Buffet

Then there was a display of somewhat plain looking sandwiches, which tasted alright.

Saudia Lounge Dschidda Buffet

Last but not least, there were various desserts on display.

Saudia Lounge Dschidda Buffet

Drink options were limited to juices as well as Arabic coffee. I couldn’t find any soft drinks or water, but I’m sure it’s available somewhere in the lounge.

Saudia Lounge Dschidda Buffet

Nevertheless, the buffet of the Saudia Lounge Jeddah is disappointing for an international lounge.

Entertainment in the Saudia Lounge Jeddah

Another weak spot of the lounge experience in Jeddah is the entertainment, in my opinion. There are a few newspapers and magazines, but they are all local and while some are English, the contents just weren’t really interesting.

Saudia Lounge Dschidda

Even worse, the WiFi quality in the lounge was horrible. Working was hardly possible and even browsing with my phone was a real pain. Sadly, the lounge also lacks a business center. And while there were a few TVs showing the World Cup when I visited the lounge, the picture quality was so horrible, that it was hardly possible to watch.

Overall impressions of the Saudia Lounge Jeddah

My first impression of the Saudia Lounge Jeddah was good. The lounge feels airy, is nicely designed and comes with various seating. At the same time, things just got worse after that, from the lounge getting crowded to a really mediocre buffet to really weak entertainment offerings. I’m sure the new Saudia Lounge will be way better, but for now, this lounge just isn’t fully up to international standards.

Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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