City Guide: Dijon

Dijon is known for its mustard, but the city has a lot more to offer than this. In our Dijon City Guide, we’re explaing what you need to know about visiting Dijon and its many sights!

Over the course of last months we’ve visited dozens of cities and France and while I also enjoyed visiting Dijon, it wouldn’t be on top of my list of places to visit as cities like Strasbourg or Angers are just a tad more beautiful. Nevertheless, I can definitely recommend paying Dijon a visit as the city has a lot of charme and has several very nice little streets.

The charming old town of Dijon

What’s interesting about Dijon is that the city is less about known sights and more about beautiful little places you’re seeing when walking through the streets. For example, there are several lovely cite palaces, which you can spot when exploring old town.

Dijon Old Town

You’ll also see various different historic buildings with varying designs. You’ll notice the age of the buildings on their special shapes, they may not all be straight, but they make you feel like you are visiting a medieval town from time to time.

While there are obviously also some prominent sights in Dijon, I would definitely recommend to just spend some time walking through the city and just explore its hidden beauty.

The many beautiful churches in Dijon

When in Dijon, you shouldn’t miss out on exploring the various different churches in town. In my opinion, the cathedral isn’t the most beautiful one, but it’s worth having a look at anyways.

Cathédrale Saint-Bénigne de Dijon 2

My personal favorite definitely is the Eglise Saint-Michel, which has a really special exterior.

Eglise Saint-Michel Dijon

Other interesting churchues in Dijon are including the Eglise Notre-Dame and the Eglise Saint-Philibert.

Even when you don’t have any connection to the church, checking out these monuments from the outside is well worth it!

Place de la Liberation and Town Hall of Dijon

The most important square in Dijon definitely is the Place de la Liberation in the city center. It’s a nice large square, which is surrounded by a lot of historic buildings.

Place de la Liberation Dijon

One side of the square is dominated by the large Town Hall of Dijon, which is one of the most famous sights in town.

Hotel de Ville Dijon Hotel de Ville Dijon

Not fare from here, close to the Saint-Michel Church, you can also find the Grand Theatre Dijon, which is another real highlight.

Grand Theatre Dijon

Furthermore, the historic Musee Rude is just steps away.

Musee Rude Dijon

There’s no entrance fee, so it’s worth having a quick look.

Other interesting buildings in the area include the Theatre Dijon Bourgogne and the Telegraphes Building as well as the Court d’Appel (a good five to ten minutes walk away).

Another spot definitely worth exploring is the Monastere des Bernandines.

Monastere des Bernandines Dijon

As all these monuments are located in Old Town, exploring this part of Dijon really is a great experience!

Porte Guillaume & Botanical Garden of Dijon

When you are done with exploring the Old Town, you may walk in the direction of the train station and you’ll pass the interesting Porte Guillaume, part of the old city wall.

Porte Guillaume Dijon

Just around the corner, you may also catch a glance of the beautiful historic Darcy Cinema, which is still a cinema till today and has preserved lots of its historic charm.

Le Darcy Cinema Dijon

A little further away is another sight of Dijon, the Botanical Garden. When we visited Dijon (February), it wasn’t particularly beautiful, but I’m sure it’s a nice place to visit in other seasons.

Jardin Botanique de l'Arquebuse Dijon

Right next to the Botanical Garde, you can find the Musee d’Histoire de l’Arquebuse Dijon, which is supposed to be quite interesting.

Last but not least, it’s worth noting that the somewhat beautiful Ile aux Canards isn’t far away from me.

Ile aux Canards Dijon

While it’s no ‘must do’ you can definitely head here if you are looking for a nice place to go for a walk.

Overall impressions of Dijon

As I’ve said before, Dijon didn’t really amaze me compared to other cities in France. The old town, however, is really beautiful and it’s a great experience to just walk around and discover the hidden beauty of Dijon. There are several interesting sights, too, but Dijon really is best explored by just walking around old town without a real destination in mind. If you are into this kind of sighsteeing and love good French food, Dijon is definitely the right place for you!

Do you have any questions about Dijon? Feel free to ask or share your impressions in the comments!

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