Hotel Review: Radisson Blu Chisinau

The Radisson Blu Chisinau is the only chain hotel in town and is supposed to be the best option for staying in the city. In my opinion, it’s not only a good option for staying in Chisinau, but actually one of the best Radisson hotels I’ve ever been to!

The Radisson Blu Chisinau is located right in the city center and thus is in a great location for business and leisure. The property feels quite luxurious for a Radisson and has a very nice lobby.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Lobby

The check-in procedure was quick and efficient and thanks to my Radisson Rewards Gold Status, I was upgraded to a Junior Suite.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category:  Junior Suite
  • Month of Stay: March

Especially taking into account the very low rates, I thought that the upgrade was very generous.

Junior Suite at the Radisson Blu Chisinau

The Junior Suite was not only a nice upgrade, but actually a very nice room and more of a suite than “junior”.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Junior Suite

Upon entering, you’ll find yourself in the living room, which comes with various seating like armchairs or a comfortable couch.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Junior Suite

On the opposite side, there’s a large flat screen television, while to the left, you can find a working with a comfortable office chair.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Junior Suite

Not only did I like the furniture of the room, but the design made the room feel cozy and comfortable at the same time. Especially as it was terribly cold outside, it always felt very nice to get back to this room.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Junior Suite

When it comes to the bedroom, there’s not much to tell as it’s basically a small room, separated from the living room by a door. In the bedroom, there’s a King Bed with two nightstands as well as a comfortable armchair.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Junior Suite

While not large or fancy, I also liked the separated room for sleeping comfortably. Noise wasn’t any issue as well, so sleeping at the Radisson Blu Chisinau is easy.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Junior Suite

The views from both rooms (one downside are the small windows) aren’t particularly great, but not bad either. Actually, there is not a great scenery in Chisinau anyways.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Junior Suite View

The bathroom of the Junior Suite is really nice, too. It’s spacious and come with a double sink and a toilet.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Junior Suite Bathroom

You can also enjoy a very nice spacious bathtub.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Junior Suite Bathroom

Last but not least, there’s a walk-in shower with two shower heads and a good water pressure.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Junior Suite Bathroom

All in all, a really nice room, which was very enjoyable!

Breakfast at the Radisson Blu Chisinau

What makes the Radisson Blu Chisinau so odd is that it feels like a real luxury hotel in many regards as opposed to most other hotel’s of the chain I’ve stayed at before. For example, there was a harp player at breakfast every day.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Breakfast

Then the breakfast spread was incredibly good, too. There were various hot options, which were all surprisingly fresh and tasty.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Breakfast

Additionally there was a big selection of cold items, which had an incredible choice of fruits for example.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Breakfast

Other items on the buffet included various cheeses, olives, muesli, cold cuts and so on.

In addition, you could order hot items from the kitchen, which were flavorful and tasty.

The only downside of breakfast was that flagging down a waiter or waitress was difficult from time to time. Other than that, breakfast was really good.

Room Service at the Radisson Blu Chisinau

We ended up having room service while staying at the Radisson Blu twice. Once, we had a burger, which was just average.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Room Service

We also had a pizza, which I thought was very good.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Room Service

The different kinds of pasta we had the next day weren’t that great though.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Room Service

While the food wasn’t amazing, prices are very low for a luxury hotel, so ordering something to eat in-house might be a good idea if you like the comfort of eating in your room.

Spa & Gym at the Radisson Blu Chisinau

While the Radisson Blu Chisinau doesn’t have a swimming pool, there’s a very well equipped gym with modern machines.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Gym 2

There’s all you need for cardio training and you can also free weights, benches and various strength machine, so there’s basically everything you need for a nice workout.

The only downside is the lack of daylight. A few steps away from the gym, you can also find a small Spa area, which is very nicely designed.

Radisson Blu Chisinau Spa

It has a sauna, a steam bath and jacuzzi of sorts (it’s actually not really warm water and very shallow, so I’m not really sure what to call it). There are also a few loungers.

While nothing extraordinary, the area was nice to relax after a long day of work.

Overall impressions of the Radisson Blu Chisinau

My stay at the Radisson Blu Chisinau was really, really good. I wasn’t a fan of the brand before to be honest, but this property was hands down the best hotel I’ve been to in all Eastern Europe. The rooms are spacious  and comfortable, the design is modern and yet cozy and the breakfast is a class of its own for a hotel in Moldova. Sure, the service isn’t always perfect and the spa area could be bigger, but if that’s the only things I can complain about, you can tell that this hotel really amazed me!

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