Destination Guide: Dinard

Dinard is a really charming coastal city in the Bretagne. Located not far away from St. Malo, the city might not boast dozens of sights, but offers charming bays, beaches and more.

This will be one of the shorter destination or city guides here on traveluxblog as Dinard isn’t really a big city, but rather just a larger town. It’s a really important destination for those seeking holidays in France anyways, being located not that far away from Paris. The beautiful scenery definitely makes up for the two or three hours you have to invest to get here from Paris!

The incredible bay of Dinard

By far the greatest ‘sight’ in Dinard is its incredible bay, which is home of the main beach in town. The bay isn’t incredibly large, but offers a scenery you don’t want to miss.

Dinard Bay

On both sides of the bay, you can find really nice hiking paths, which allow different perspectives on the beauty.

The beach is really nice, too, and while we visited in fall, I’m sure that going for a swim here in summer is a really nice experience.

On the beachfront, several historic buildings are making up for an even nicer scenery. Those are including the Casino of Dinard and the Hotel Reine Hortense.

If there’s any place in France that screams tranquality and beauty, it’s the bay of Dinard!

Incredible hiking along the coastline

If you check out our city guides for Bordeaux, Paris or Lyon, you’ll see that we tend on walking through town quite a bit. Yet, hiking isn’t usually part of our city guides, but in Dinard it is actually essential.

Dinard Hiking

The hiking paths along the sea are among the most beautiful I’ve seen in a long time and I must admit that I fell in love with them quite a bit.

Honestly, what could be nicer than hinking along a really beautiful scenery on paths, which look like they were naturally put into the cliffs?

Dinard Hiking

While it might not be typical sightseeing, going for a hike in Dinard should definitely be on your list.

Point de Malouine & Point de Mouline Dinard

Dinard is not only about beautiful buys and beaches, but also about a really nice historic architecture. When walking through town, you can find various beautiful buildings.

Dinard Pointe de Malouine

My personal favorites are two buildings right by the sea though. The first is the Point de Malouine, which could hardly be any more picturesquare.

Dinard Pointe de Malouine

The other one is the Pointe de Mouline, which is not only named quite similiar, it’s also no less beautiful.

Dinard Pointe de Mouline

While the beaches and bays are what makes Dinard so special, the architecture is great, too.

Overall impressions of Dinard

Dinard is not really a metropolis or anything and it’s also not a destination, where you can see dozens of different sights. At the same time, the coastline in Dinard is so incredibly beautiful that visiting is worth it for this alone. Whether it is just for a day or for many days, I’m sure that going for a hike along the coast and enjoying the bays and beaches in Dinard nerver gets old!

Do you have any questions about Dinard? Feel free to ask or share your impressions in the comments!

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