City Guide: Toulouse

Toulouse is a French metropolis between Bordeaux and the Côte d’Azur. While not as widely known as a touristic destination, Toulouse has lots of charme. Check out this City Guide to get an idea of what to do and what to see in Toulouse!

Toulouse plays an important role in the French economy as several companies, among those Airbus, play a major role in the city. That’s one of the reasons, why Toulouse is quite accessible by plane and also why the city is doing a lot to attract more tourism. However, the historic charm of the city is yet another reason to go here as Toulouse is different than other cities in France, while still being really beautiful.

Incredible scenery at the Garonne River

Even though this is less about typical sights, the Garonne River in Toulouse is one of the real highlights in town. Why? Because you can walk along it on beautiful quais without any or with just some light traffic.

The views are beautiful during the day, at sunset and lastly also at night.

Graonne River Toulouse

You can also spot some famous sights when walking along the river, for example the Chapelle Saint Joseph de la Grave.

Chapelle Saint Joseph de la Grave

The interesting Hotel Dieu Saint Jacques is another historic building you’ll see when having a leisurely walk along the river.

Hotel Dieu Saint Jacques Toulouse

My personal favorite is the Pont Saint Pierre though, how incredibly beautiful is this scenery?

Point Saint Pierre Toulouse

The buildings on the city center side of the river are really nice, too. It’s not about big sightseeing spots here, but about really nice traditional architecture.

Another spot worth pointing out is the Park de la Daurade, which is located right by the water, too.

Park de la Daurade Toulouse

Regardless of the reason you are visiting Toulouse for, having a leisurely walk or going running along the river is a definite must when in Toulouse!

Mairie de Toulouse & the City Center of Toulouse

One of the most beautiful buildings in Toulouse definitely is the Town Hall, which is located in the immediate center of the city.

Mairie de Toulouse

In general, the Place du Capitole, which stretches along both sides of the Mairie de Toulouse (Town Hall) is really beautiful and worth walking around for a bit.

Other interesting spots in the city center are the Place Dupuy and the Place Saint Etienne.

Not far away are further attractions like the Institute of Higher Arts.

Institute of Higher Arts Toulouse

I’m a fan of the beautiful Orchestre National du Capitole at the Place Dupuy, too!

Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse

While Toulouse might not have as many typical architectonial sights as for example Paris, it’s still really nice to just walk through the city center for a while.

Toulouse Cathedral & the Couvent des Jacobines Toulouse

One of the most famous sights in Toulouse is the Couvent des Jacobines. It’s a historic cloister, which looks really interesting from the outside.

Couvent des Jacobines Toulouse

It’s even more interesting from the inside though as it didn’t change over the last decades and comes with a beautiful inner courtyard.

There are several more interesting churches in Toulouse though.

One of the most beautiful ones, in my opinion, is the Basilique Saint Sernin, which has a very particular architecture.

Basilique Saint Sernin Toulouse

Other churches include the Notre-Dame de la Dalbade, for example.

Notre-Dame de la Dalbade Church Toulouse

You also shouldn’t miss the famous Toulouse Cathedral, which looks a little different than many other cathedrals I’ve seen while travelling through France.

Toulouse Cathedral

As you’d expect, Toulouse has many churches, yet none is as fascinating as the one you can find in Nice!

Park Grand Rond & the modern Toulouse

Toulouse is an interesting city for many reasons. One of those is that there’s an interesting combination of history and modernity. The Southern part of town is very modern, for example. Here you can find the Court of Justice, for example.

Court of Justice Toulouse

It’s also the area, where you can find beautiful parks like the Botanical Garden or the really lovely Park Grand Rond, which I particularly enjoyed.

There are also a couple of more interesting buildings here, including the Theatre Sorano.

Theatre Sorano Toulouse

I wouldn’t say that you have to explore this part of town, but it’s interesting nevertheless if you have some spare time!

Overall impressions of Toulouse

Toulouse is somewhat different than for example Marseille or Lyon. Nevertheless, the city with less particular sights than other cities, has a lot of flair. Walking along the river or through the cute historic streets is amazing and the many interesting churches and other monuments add to the overall image. All in all, I’d definitely recommend visiting Toulouse!

Do you have any questions about Toulouse? Feel free to ask or share your impressions in the comments!

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