Hotel Review: The Fontenay Hamburg

The Fontenay Hamburg is one of the most exclusive luxury hotels in Europe. The city resort opened just a few months ago and is highly recommendable. In this extensive hotel review, we’ll explain why staying here is a great idea!

I’ve stayed at many luxurious city hotels, especially in Germany. Those include the likes of the Adlon Kempinski Berlin, but none of the other properties comes even close to what the newest star in the German hotel market offers.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Deluxe Room
  • Month of Stay: May

The Fontenay Hamburg is not only looking particularly stylish, the property also offers an incredibly high level of comfort. Learn more about the property located right on the Alsterbecken in this extensive review!

Deluxe Room at the Fontenay Hamburg

When checking-in for my room at The Fontenay Hamburg around noon, the room wasn’t ready. However, I was invited to enjoy a cappuccino on the hotel’s rooftop terrace. Not a bad start!

The Fontenay Hamburg Welcome Drink

The room was ready another twenty minutes later and off I was on the way to a really nice Deluxe Room, which comes with a modern and yet cozy design.

The Fontenay Hamburg Deluxe Room

The rooms are not only spacious, but also very bright and airy thanks to the large floor-to-ceiling windows. The bed is the centerpiece of the room and features a total of seven pillows as well as two night stands.

Right next to the bed, there’s an armchair right by the window as well as a book shelf.

The Fontenay Hamburg Deluxe Room

Personally, I loved that they had some real books in there, which made the room feel less like a hotel and more like a home.

The Fontenay Hamburg Deluxe Room

In the corner of the window, there’s a decently sized working desk with a comfortable chair, which allows you to soak up the views (in this case of the greenery).

The Fontenay Hamburg Deluxe Room

The views as such aren’t phenomenal, but are alright for a city hotel (there are also rooms with nicer views available for an extra charge).

The Fontenay Hamburg Deluxe Room Ausblick

The views of the greenery can also be enjoyed from the nice balcony, which comes with some furniture.

The Fontenay Hamburg Deluxe Room Balkon

Then opposite of the bed, there’s a nice little seating area with a sofa and an armchair as well as a small table. Adding to the other nice touches, there are a few magazines available here, too.

I also got a lovely welcome note with a few sweets for booking through the Leading Hotels of the World.

The Fontenay Hamburg Welcome Gift

As you’d expect, the rooms at The Fontenay Hamburg come with a coffee machine. Additionally, there’s a complimentary minibar with a few juices, soft drinks, water and beer.

The Fontenay Hamburg Deluxe Room

The bathroom of the Deluxe Room is surprisingly small compared to the room, yet is still very luxurious.

The Fontenay Hamburg Deluxe Room Bad

There’s a single sink with enough storage for two people and some amenities.

The Fontenay Hamburg Deluxe Room Bad

Then there is a small dresser, where you can get ready for the night. Two areas are separated from the main bathroom area, one is the toilet, which is one of those fancy Japanese ones.

The Fontenay Hamburg Deluxe Room Bad

The other is the shower, which is hillariously cool. It does not only come with two very nice shower heads and a touch panel, but also with the option to play music while taking a shower.

All in all, The Fontenay Hamburg really offers amazing rooms, which are not only modern and offer all the luxury you need, but they are actually also very cozy.

Breakfast at The Fontenay Hamburg

There’s yet another highlight at The Fontenay Hamburg, which is breakfast. It’s served on the ground floor and you may also sit outside on a nice day. Other than other hotels in Hamburg like the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg, The Fontenay offers à la carte breakfast.

The Fontenay Hamburg Breakfast

Thus, you don’t have to get up all the time to get food, but instead you can basically order everything you like from a menu. You get some cold cuts, cheese, bread rolls etc. in general. A very nice selection of juices and coffee specialties is available, too.

The Fontenay Hamburg Breakfast

When having breakfast, I ordered the egg’s benedict with salmon, which were great.

The Fontenay Hamburg Breakfast

Then I also had waffles.

The Fontenay Hamburg Breakfast

All in all, a great breakfast without the typical hustle. The only minor criticism is that everything took a little too long for my taste.

Gym & Pool at The Fontenay Hamburg

The Fontenay Hamburg offers more than just rooms and nice restaurants. It’s sort-of a resort and city hotel in one, which really makes the property special. The gym as such is very modern and has incredibly pricey equipment.

The Fontenay Hamburg Gym

While there’s everything you need for cardio and strength training, I’ve actually seen nicer gyms in hotels, but the gym here is still very good.

The other areas are just out of this world though. First of all, there are a steam bath and a sauna. The latter with an incredible view over town – wow.

If you feel like relaxing, you can enjoy one of many private loungers, which are incredibly comfortable and also come with beautiful views.

Surely, there’s a large swimming pool, too. The one half of it is located indoor, while the other half is located outdoors.

Like that, you can enjoy swimming outdoors even in winter. In summer, you may also sunbath on the terrace.

This really doesn’t sound like a city hotel anymore, right?

Overall impressions of The Fontenay Hamburg

It’s not often that a hotel really impresses me, but The Fontenay Hamburg, despite its high price tag, really amazed me in so many regards. First of all, there are beautiful public areas, including the fascinating rooftop bar and restaurant. Second, there’s the maybe world’s best spa area in a city hotel and third, the rooms are really beautiful and offer all the luxury you need. All that is complemented by very friendly staff and a great breakfast. This hotel is really a winner!

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