Transportation in Hue

Transportation in Hue is a complicated thing. While there is some public transportation in the city, it’s severly limited. Thus, tourists mainly use taxis to get around town. In this guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about getting around in the city.

Vietnam doesn’t have a particularly developed transportation network. Thus, train connections to Hue are relatively limited. The only regular train connects Hue with both, Saigon and Hanoi. It goes down all the way from the North to the South and the opposite way. We took this train to Danang, which is one of the best ways to get from one city to another. However, the train is no option to get from one point to another in Hue itself.

Buses in Hue

While there are buses in Hue, which are part of the public transportation network, using those as a tourist is very difficult. There are just very few official routes with a published schedule. Taking one of those buses is a very cheap way to get from one point to another, but most buses are relatively old and there’s no timetable. While you can take buses to get around town in Hue, I wouldn’t really recommend doing so as taxi prices are low as well. If you decide to do so anyways, bus line 3 is the one connecting the city with the airport and offers the cheapest way to get from town to the airport or vice versa.

Taxis in Hue

For tourists, taxis are the main means of transportation in Hue. You can find dozens of taxis at the airport and around most major sights in the city center. Taxis are also available at all major hotels and the train station of Hue.

Hanoi Taxi

The taxi fares in Hue are relatively cheap and you can have rides within the city center for less than 1 USD / Euro. However, be aware that you usually have to negotiate a price before getting into the car. It might make sense to also hire a driver for a full day if you want to see the sights further out of town as finding a taxi there can be more difficult.

Other means of transportation in Hue

While Hue doesn’t have proper public transportation, there are various other means of transportation that help you to get around in town. The most common one are so-called cyclos, which are even cheaper than taxis. This traditional way of getting around town is quite funny and something you should try. Alternatively, you can also take a bike yourself or rent a motorcycle to explore the city. Ride hailing apps like Uber are not available in Hue though.

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