Transportation in Ljubljana

Transportation in Ljubljana doesn’t need much of an explanation as the city just offers public transportation in the form of buses. In this transportation guide, we’ll explain what you need to know about getting around in town.

Even though Slovenia is benefiting hugely from its membership in the European Union, the country still has a somewhat limited rail network. While there are a couple of long distance trains to other countries, for example to Zagreb or Budapest, the services are comparably limited. The same is true for regional services, which you can take to get to Lake Bled, for example. Generally, trains aren’t the quickest way to get around in Slovenia, but they can still be an option if you don’t want to rent a car.

Buses in Ljubljana

Ljubljana isn’t a particularly large city, but sometimes you have to walk for longer distances. Thus, public transportation can be a serious alternative. Sadly, there is neither a metro nor a tram in Ljubljana and at this point, none of the above is a planning stage. This means that the only way to get around in town is by taking a bus. The bus network grew immensly in the last decades and years and now offers dozens of different routes in the city center. All services are operated by modern buses, many with air conditioning, making buses a comfortable way to get around in Ljubljana. Tickets can only be bought with a so-called Urbana Card, which costs 2 Euro and is transferable. If you have enough value on the card, you can just board any bus and pay 1.20 Euro for a ride of 90 minutes, including unlimited transfers. Thus, the fare system in Ljubljana is very easy, making the use buses hardly complicated.

Taxis in Ljubljana

Often, taking a taxi in Ljubljana is the best way to get from one point in the city to another if you don’t want to use a bus. Taxis are readily available throughout town and can be either hailed at the street or called by phone, the latter is usually the cheaper option. Alternatively, there’s an app to order taxis, which is called Hopin Taxi. The taxi starting fares range between 0.80 and 1.50 Euro, while the kilometer fare is 0.70 to 1.70 Euro depending on the taxi company, the daytime and the route. Rides to the airport cost between 20 and 45 Euro. Most taxis are relatively modern and offer usual safety standards, but drivers might not speak fluent English. Sadly, there’s no Uber in Ljubljana, so taxis are the only option for private transportation in town.

Other means of transportation in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a little less touristy than some other cities in Europe. Thus, there are not that many different means of touristc transportation in town. For example, there’s no real hop-on-hop-off bus available for those who don’t want to explore the city by foot. Yet, there’s the so-called Ljubljana Caste Funicular, which gets you from Krek Square up to the castle, which is something I’d definitely recommend.

Ljubljana Rack Railway

Other than that, there are the typical city bikes, which you can rent with an app. Exploring the city by bike can be a really nice option, too.

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