Hotel Review: InterContinental Carlton Cannes

The InterContinental Carlton Cannes is without any doubt one of the most famous luxury hotels in Europe. However, during my two stays at the property, I did only learn to love one thing. Read in this extensive hotel review why I was slightly disappointed by the property.

When I visited Cannes for the first time during the Film Festival, Nicole Kidman walked out of the InterContinental Carlton right in front of me. That should give you a sense on who the people staying at this property are. Naturally, I had to check it out, too.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Deluxe Room
  • Month of Stay: October & November

My two stays in a Deluxe Room were incredible in regards to the view, but really disappointing in most other regards. That starts with a check-in experience, which is somewhat sad and lacks any empathy.

Deluxe Room at the InterContinental Carlton Cannes

The rooms aren’t what you would expect at this price point (this room goes for sums between 400 and 1.500 euro per night, depending on season) either. The rooms are really tiny with maybe 20 to 25 square meters.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes Deluxe Room

The center piece is a comfortable enough Queen Bed with two nightstands.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes Deluxe Room

Opposite, there’s the wardrobe, which also has a middle console, where you can find the television, the minibar and the coffee machine.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes Deluxe Room

The problem here are the details as not only the coffee capsules come with a charge, but the television also comes with an incredibly bad picture quality. Well, you are not here for watching television anyways.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes Deluxe Room

You also shouldn’t bring work, because the internet is awfully slow – but you can easily upgrade to high-speed for 200 euro per night (that’s not a typo!). The desk is at least spacious enough, but the chair isn’t very comfortable.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes Deluxe Room

Okay, enough with the negative, let’s get to what makes the InterContinental Carlton Cannes what it is. If you book a Deluxe Room, you end up with this view.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes View

Honestly, I can’t really get enough of a view like this and could soak it up every moment of my life.

Plus, this room category comes with the benefit of a small balcony with two chairs and a table.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes Deluxe Room Balcony

Sipping a coffee here in the morning and watching the views is just incredible.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes Deluxe Room Balcony

Sadly, that’s the only aspect about this property, which is outstanding. Not so much is the bathroom, which is small and looks old. For my first stay, I got a room with a shower tub combo.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes Deluxe Room Bathroom

At my second stay, I got a room with a walk-in shower, which I appreciated.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes Deluxe Room Bathroom

Other than that, there’s a single sink and a toilet.

The condition of the bathroom and other areas of the room are quite run down, too.

So what’s there to say overall? If you get a room with a view and a balcony at the InterContinental Carlton Cannes, everything else doesn’t really matter as the view beats everything. Just be aware that the view is what you pay for and not a really nice room in a luxury hotel.

Breakfast at the InterContinental Carlton Cannes

The breakfast buffet at the InterContinental Carlton Cannes is everything but cheap either, so I’d recommend getting a rate with breakfast included. What’s amazing here is again the terrace with some limited sea views. The buffet is alright, but not outstanding.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes Breakfast

There are various cold options, including fruits, cereals, cold cuts, cheeses and more.

Then there are various hot options, including eggs, bacon, sausages and the likes.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes Breakfast

The French bakery selection isn’t bad either, but I did really miss something special about the buffet.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes Breakfast

Okay, there was some bubbly, which you might appreciate in such an atmosphere.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes Breakfast

Never was I asked about any hot options from the kitchen (there was a menu with horrible pricing, but that’s it) and the service was mediocre in general.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes Breakfast

So, yeah, breakfast at the InterContinental Carlton Cannes is nice enough, but it lacks the wow-factor you’d expect of a property of this caliber.

Bar at the InterContinental Carlton Cannes

Let’s get to something I’d actually call laughable. I’ve stayed at dozens of InterContinental hotels, e.g. the InterContinental Berlin, the InterContinental Montreal and the InterContinental Sydney. Every time I got a voucher for two welcome drinks at the bar when travelling with a companion as an Ambassador member (the rules don’t say that). At the InterContinental Carlton Cannes I didn’t get it, so it was another 15 Euro for a second glass of wine.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes Welcome Drink

Fair enough, but things got worse. I decided to not go for a snack from the menu, but order a charcuterie selection – we are in France after all. Well, I think by looking at the picture you see that the selection offered were the leftovers from breakfast – for 25 Euro.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes Bar

I don’t want to be picky here, but I just expect more of a luxury hotel like the InterContinental Cannes. If at least the service would have been friendly, but no.

Gym & Beach at the InterContinental Cannes

It might sound weird, but the Carlton Hotel Cannes doesn’t offer a pool. Thus, there’s only a gym with very modern, but at the same time limited equipment.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes Gym

The gym is good enough for a cardio workout (please do that outside as running along the promenade is magical!), but lacks free weights and strength machines for a good full body workout.

Sadly, the gym is somewhat located in the Spa entrance, which is quite odd as there are no views and you always feel watched by people walking by. Let’s get to something more positive, the private beach, which you (I’m sure you already know what’s coming next) have to pay for, even as a hotel guest. It’s a 25 Euro charge per day and includes access to beach chairs.

InterContinental Carlton Cannes Beach

Luckily (or not?) I visited in fall, where there were no beach chairs anymore and thus there was no charge. The beach as such is really nice and you can get a great view of the promenade, but paying extra as a hotel guest somewhat feels wrong.

Overall impressions of the InterContinental Carlton Cannes

The views and the terrace of my room at the InterContinental Carlton Cannes will be a memory of mine forever. Nevertheless, I think that the hotel is incredibly overpriced in basically every regard. I don’t see a point in booking a room without a view here as nothing about the experience, from the rooms to breakfast to the gym to the service felt like a real luxury stay. So if you really want to experience a beautiful view of Cannes and the ocean, this hotel is for you. If you are looking for at least a half decent value or at least don’t want to feel totally ripped off, defintely stay elsewhere.

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