Lounge Review: Salon Solano Lyon

The Salon Solano Lyon is an independently operated lounge at Lyon Saint Exupery Airport. The modern lounge in Terminal 2 is a decent place to hang out before departure, in my opinion. Read why in this extensive review!

While Lyon is an important airport in France, it’s not a big hub for any airline, which means that most lounges at the airport are operated by independend parties. This is true for the Salon Solano Lyon in Terminal 2, too. The lounge is used by various airlines for Business Class passengers and status members, including the likes of Lufthansa and Swiss. Sadly, it’s not open to Priority Pass members, but you can pay at the door if you like to enter anyways.

Seating in the Salon Solano Lyon

The Salon Solano Lyon isn’t particularly big, but the lounge offers a couple of different seating options nevertheless. Basically, there are three different areas with two kinds of seating. To the right of the reception, you can find some armchairs arranged in rows of two chairs as well as some single chairs.

Salon Solano Lyon

To the left of reception, you’re immediately getting to the buffet area, which has some typical dining tables with two chairs each.

Salon Solano Lyon

Then further back in this area, there are several more of the same armchairs as on the other side of the lounge though arranged in rows of three chairs facing each other here.

Salon Solano Lyon

While I would hardly describe the lounge as big, it never felt up and thus was a comfortable place to wait for departure. There’s also some daylight and a somewhat obstructed view of the tarmac.

Salon Solano Lyon View

All in all, I thought that the Solano Lounge Lyon is a nice place to hang out before departure thanks to daylight and modern seating.

Buffet of the Salon Solano Lyon

Your expecetations of the catering in the Salon Solano Lyon should be a bit lower as the buffet only has one hot option and a soup.

Salon Solano Lyon Buffet

The hot option during my visit was pizza, which was okay.

Salon Solano Lyon Buffet

Then there are a few cold options in the fridge, which are mainly sandwiches and salads. I chose one of the latter, which was clearly off – something that shouldn’t happen in an airport lounge.

Salon Solano Lyon Buffet

In addition, there were a few petit fours as well as a couple of pastries and bread rolls.

Salon Solano Lyon Buffet

The drink selection consists of the typical options, including soft drinks, juices, water, a coffee machine, wine, beers and some lower shelf spirits.

Entertainment in the Solano Lounge Lyon

The entertainment options in the Solano Lounge Lyon are quite good. First of all, there are plenty of newspapers, including international ones (e.g. German, English, French, Italian).

Salon Solano Lyon Newspapers

Then there was a choice of various different magazines, also including some international ones.

Salon Solano Lyon Newspapers

Plus, there’s a decent enough business center with computers and a printer.

Salon Solano Lyon Computer

The WiFi worked well throughout my visit, so there’s hardly anything bad to say in that regard either.

Overall impressions of the Salon Solano Lyon

The Salon Solano Lyon is a nice enough lounge. It’s located airside, offers a modern ambience, daylight and a fair enough buffet, plus good entertainment options. While it lacks anything exciting, it ticks all the basic boxes, making it a place where you can easily spend an hour or two before departure of your flight!

Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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