Running in Hoi An

Running in Hoi An

Running in Hoi An was an interesting experience for me. Not only because there’s beautiful nature, but because I went in a different direction to what everybody knows about the city. Join me on this run to understand why!

I’m a big fan of seeing a city through different eyes when it comes to running. This is something that was high of my agenda for running in Hoi An, too. Even though I didn’t have as much time for the run as I would have liked to, I really enjoyed getting to see the city from a different perspective.

This combined with the fact that the sun was shining and it was yet not too hot, I really enjoyed running in Hoi An. My typical tracking didn’t work for this run, but it’s not really important where you go as long as you don’t go into the touristic center of Hoi An.

Exploring the lesser developed areas of Hoi An

When you are not going into areas, where everything is polished for tourists, you get a different perspective of a place. That’s especially true for a city like Hoi An, where streets look different when you are not in the city center.

Running in Hoi An

It’s also a beautiful experience, because you are basically on your own, only sometimes surrounded by a few locals. Especially when you have chance to run by the water like in Hoi An, it’s a great experience.

Running in Hoi An

Then again, you might get to a dead end from time to time, at least when it comes to typical infrastructure like paved roads or paths.

Running in Hoi An

If all of that doesn’t bother you, running in Hoi An is definitely for you!

The beautiful nature and the sad part

My running experience in the really touristic city of Hoi An was eye-opening for various reasons. One definitely is the beautiful nature, which you can explore when leaving the city center.

Running in Hoi An

There are really nice pathes leading through the nature and make you feel like you are in the jungle.

Running in Hoi An

But there’s also a sad part as you’ll be running along beautiful greenery, which is littered like crazy.

Running in Hoi An

However, the positive moments are winning, especially when it comes to views of the water.

If you are into nature, this is most definitely something you’ll enjoy!

Getting to know how the locals are living

The city center of Hoi An is somewhat shiny compared to how the locals live.

Running in Hoi An

When running in the outskirts of the city, you’ll see more typical residential areas without paved roads.

Running in Hoi An

It’s not like it looks run down or anything, just very different.

Running in Hoi An

Don’t be bothered by some random cows on the way, for example.

Running in Hoi An

I think that this overview of running in Hoi An gave you a good idea, why it was first and foremost an interesting experience, which I can just recommend to everyone who wants to see more than just the touristic areas.

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