Transportation in Rennes

Transportation in Rennes is surprisingly well organized. The city, while not very big, has an automatic metro system, which allows quick and easy access to all parts of town.

Rennes is very well connected to Paris by TGV, but also to other cities in the region and a bit further away. In general, the train network in France is very good, which means that you can not only get to Rennes easily, but you can also explore the area without a lot of hassle. Luckily, Rennes also has a great public transportation network in the city center.

Metro in Rennes

Something that’s really fascinating about transportation in Rennes is the metro as the French city is one of the smallest in the world to have a metro system. The metro is operated by automatic trains with the VAL system, which is also operating in Lille and Toulouse. As of now, there’s just a single metro line, but another one is due to open in 2019. A third line is currently in the planning phase.

Rennes Metro

The modern metro and the busses in the city share a fare system and exchanging between the two means of transportation is very easy. While the metro is most useful for travel between the suburbs and the city center, it can also be an interesting way for tourists to get around.

Buses in Rennes

Due to having a metro, Rennes is one of the few bigger cities in France without a tram. Thus, transportation in the city center is mainly organized by various bus lines, which offer frequent connections between parts of town not served by the metro.

The fares for the integrated system of the metro and buses are quite low with just 1.50 Euro for a a one hour ticket or 14.50 Euro for ten tickets. You have unlimted changes between different lines in this time, making it easy and cheap to get around in Rennes. Buses are also modern and accessible.

Taxis in Rennes

While public transportation in Rennes is quite cheap, taxis are not. As it’s the norm for cities in France, prices for taxis are relatively high. Taxis from the airport to town are around 20 Euro, while shorter rides in town are between 5 and 15 Euro. In general, taking a taxi can be a good option if you have a lot of luggage or are in a rush, but taking public transportation ins the better option when you are not.

Other means of transportation in Rennes

There are not many other means of transportation worth speaking about in Rennes. You can get a city bike to get around town, but that’s about it. There are no hop on hop off buses at the moment, but exploring Rennes by walking is very enjoyable anyways.

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