Hotel Review: Conrad Algarve

The Conrad Algarve is a luxury hotel located on the Algarve Coast in Portugal. In this extensive hotel review, we’ll explain why staying here is really enjoyable and why you should think about a trip here!

While the Conrad Algarve is mainly a summer property in the way that rates are the highest in this season, it’s also a great place for all other seasons.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Grand Deluxe Room
  • Month of Stay: December

We, for example, visited in December and totally loved the place. The hotel offers very spacious rooms, nice public areas with several pools and a location off the beaten track.

Conrad Algarve Entrance

While not everything is perfect, I’d highly recommend the hotel as you’ll read in this review.

Grand Deluxe Room at the Conrad Algarve

Thanks to my Hilton Diamond Status, the booked room got upgraded to a Grand Deluxe Room with Pool View. This category offers even more space than a Standard Room and feels very luxurious.

Conrad Algarve Grand Deluxe Room

The main part of the room, which somewhat feels too big for the furniture in it, is the area with the comfortable King Bed and two nighstands.

Conrad Algarve Grand Deluxe Room

Right in front of the bed, there’s a large lounger, which I found to be very comfortable.

Conrad Algarve Grand Deluxe Room

Next to the bed, you can find another armchair, which is also very comfortable. Opposite of all this furniture, there’s a working area with a spacious desk, two chairs and a sidebar.

Conrad Algarve Grand Deluxe Room

It’s also worth noting that all rooms at the Conrad Algarve come with a Nespresso coffee maker as well as a fully stocked minibar, the former complimentary.

One of the highlights of the rooms are the balconies though. The Grand Deluxe Room comes with a really big one with furniture on both sides, two armchairs with a small table each.

While I think that some sunchairs or some more elaborated garden furniture would be a nice additon (there’s plenty of space), it’s still a really nice balcony. The views of the pool and the valley are nice, too.

Conrad Algarve Grand Deluxe Room View

Another really luxurious feature of the rooms at the Conrad Hotel are the bathrooms. While there’s no day light, there’s a nice double vanity.

Conrad Algarve Grand Deluxe Room Bathroom

Across from it, there’s a large bathtub facing a small television. It’s worth noting that hte whole bathroom is kept in beautiful light marmor.

Conrad Algarve Grand Deluxe Room Bathroom

Further to the back, there’s a toilet as well as a large and spacious walk-in shower.

All in all, the rooms at the Conrad Algarve are really nice and just what you would expect from a real luxury resort. I’d say that the rooms alone are way nicer than at the Conrad Hong Kong or the Conrad London St. James for example!

Breakfast at the Conrad Algarve

The Conrad Algarve offers an outstanding breakfast buffet in the main restaurant every morning. When getting to your table, two traditonal Portuguese pastries are already waiting for you. The real highlight, though, is the buffet. There are plenty of fresh options including cut fruits, veggies, cold cuts as well as cheeses.

Then there’s a really nice bakery selection, including savory breads and bread rolls as well as sweet pastries.

While you can also find various hot options on the buffet, there’s also a menu of which you can order. Weirdly, some egg dishes and sweet options come with a price tag, while others don’t. I tried various (complimentary) omelets, which were all very good.

Together with good service, breakfast at the Conrad Algarve is a real pleasure!

Room Service & Dinner at the Conrad Algarve

During our stay, we only found the time to visit one of the hotel’s restaurants once. In fact, we were actually more at the bar than at the actual restaurant. There we ordered some tasty tapas.

Conrad Algarve Tapas

We also had a pizza, which was quite good as well.

Conrad Algarve Tapas

Then we also ended up having room service twice, once a very good local chicken dish.

Conrad Algarve Room Service

The other time a selection of smaller dishes, which were good, though not outstanding.

Conrad Algarve Room Service

In general, I’d say that the food quality at the Conrad Algarve is really good, but prices are also very high, even for standards of a luxury hotel. So it’s sort-of a mixed bag in that regard.

Pools, Gym & Spa at the Conrad Algarve

When staying at the Conrad Algarve, you should know that there is no beach around. If you want to go to a beach, you’ll need to rent a car. At the same time, the resort offers plenty of relaxation opportunities. First of all, there are various pools.

Conrad Algarve Outdoor Pool

The main pool is located right in front of the building and is great for swimming laps. That’s also the only outdoor pool, which is heated and thus usable all year round.

Conrad Algarve Outdoor Pool

Two further outdoor pools are located a little further away from the actual building. Here, you can find a pool bar as well (in summer). Loungers are located all pools.

The outdoor area also comes with nice gardens as well as a tennis court, which you can rent complimentary (there’s no fee for rackets and balls either).

Conrad Algarve Tennis

Aside from the named facilities, there’s also an indoor pool, which is a little odd though. It’s quite small and located in a semi-open area. This means that it’s very chilly here in winter and yet feels depressingly dark during the day. I’m not really sure what to make up of this area, which also features a jacuzzi.

Then there’s also a very large gym, located in the other wing of the building. The gym is not only big, but also offers really nice views of the resort and the valley.

Conrad Algarve Fitness

There are tons of modern machines for strength and cardio trainings and I really enjoyed working out here. It’s really a perfect gym for a hotel and I didn’t miss a thing.

Conrad Algarve Fitness

Last but not least, there’s also a Spa at the Conrad Algarve. It’s complimentary for Hilton Diamond members, but everyone else has to pay a daily and per person fee of 15 Euro to access it. I’m not sure whether it’s worth it, but it’s a nice enough addition.

Conrad Algarve Spa

The indoor area of the Spa at the Conrad Algarve features a relaxation room and a room with all the facilities. Here, you can find some loungers, a hydrotherapy pool, a sauna and a steam bath.

Then in addition, there’s also an outdoor pool surrounded by some loungers, which is also heated in winter.

Conrad Algarve Spa

All in all, there are plenty of options to relax and do sports at the Conrad Algarve, but you should still take into account that there is no beach around. For that, other options at the Algarve or places like the Conrad Bali or the Hilton Seychelles Labriz are better.

Overall impressions of the Conrad Algarve

Even though the Conrad Algarve is mainly a summer destination, I particularly enjoyed the hotel in winter as it was quite empty and relaxing. The weather is quite good year-round and the facilities are great for a lower price tag. The rooms are beautiful in general and so are the many pools. I also loved the gym and the breakfast. Only the service was just mediocre from time to time and the location isn’t particularly great either. I would still highly recommend staying here!

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