Hotel Review: InterContinental Ljubljana

The InterContinental Ljubljana is one of the newest luxury hotels of the IHG chain in Europe. The new property is a real start in the chain as it’s not only a really nice property, but also has really lovely staff. In this extensive hotel review, you can learn more about the hotel!

Generally, I’d say that I’m a huge fan of modern hotels and the InterContinental Ljubljana was no exception here.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Junior Suite
  • Month of Stay: January

The hotel offered very affordable rates, too, making it a great fit for my travel plans. Thanks to my InterContinental Ambassador Status, we were upgraded to a Junior Suite and for just 40 Euro per night,we “bought” access to the Club Level, where breakfast, afternoon tea and evening snacks are served.

InterContinental Ljubljana Entrance

In this extensive hotel review, I’ll cover my experience at the new InterContinental!

Junior Suite at the InterContinental Ljubljana

The Junior Suite we were upgraded to already made a great impression upon entering. It had a really interesting shape with a long hallway leading to the bedroom.

InterContinental Ljubljana Junior Suite

Right after the door to the right was a small living area, which was very cozy and offered some city views in a cool and relaxing atmosphere.

InterContinental Ljubljana Junior Suite

Here, a cute little welcome gift was already waiting for us.

InterContinental Ljubljana Welcome Gift

Located somewhat in the hallway is a working desk with a comfortable turning chair.

InterContinental Ljubljana Junior Suite

Here, you can also find the minibar as well as a coffee machine.

InterContinental Ljubljana Junior Suite

Further into the room, you can find a very comfortable King Bed with two nighstands.

InterContinental Ljubljana Junior Suite

Opposite of it, there’s a free-standing flat-screen television, which looks quite spacy.

InterContinental Ljubljana Junior Suite

In the very back in the room, there’s a small walk-in wardrobe, where you can hide your luggage.

InterContinental Ljubljana Junior Suite

Right next to the bed, you can enter the bathroom, which is great, too.

InterContinental Ljubljana Junior Suite Bathroom

There’s a walk-in shower, a toilet (both in a separated area with a frozen door), a double sink as well as a nice bathtub.

In general, the whole Junior Suite at the InterContinental Ljubljana was not only modern, but also very stylish and atmospheric. Design-wise, this must be one of the most amazing hotel rooms I’ve stayed at in the while. The views of town are a bit boring though.

InterContinental Ljubljana Junior Suite View

Nevertheless, the rooms at the IC Ljubljana are a real winner!

Executive Lounge at the InterContinental Ljubljana

As I’ve mentioned earlier, we payed up for access to the Executive Lounge, also named Club InterContinental. This is a really nice space in one of the hotel’s highest floors.

InterContinental Ljubljana Executive Lounge

You can find various different kinds of seating, ranging from dining tables to more relaxed seating. While not really big, the large floor-to-ceiling windows combined with the modern interior make the space feel very nice.

The food spread is a little disappointing though. For afternoon tea, there were a few cakes and sandwiches. Not only was the choice very limited, but availability was too.

The evening spread was not really better with just very few choices, including a couple of small hot bites as well as some cold options.

The selection of drinks, including wines, spirits, beers etc., was relatively good though.

InterContinental Ljubljana Executive Lounge Evening Spread

So, the lounge at the InterContinental Ljubljana is a really nice space, but you shouldn’t expect to get a full meal here.

Breakfast at the InterContinental Ljubljana

Even though we also enjoyed breakfast in the lounge, I’ll separate the two things in this review, also because there was quite a difference. The breakfast spread, while small, was high quality and had all the essentials in the continental area.

There are fruits, cheeses, cold cuts, veggies, a nice selection of cereals, bread rolls etc. There were also a few hot options on the buffet.

InterContinental Ljubljana Breakfast

Plus, you can order frehsly prepared dishes from the kitchen. I had a very good omelet, for example.

InterContinental Ljubljana Breakfast

Later on, I also tried the pancakes with fruits and chocolate sauce – what a great meal!

InterContinental Ljubljana Breakfast

All in all, breakfast in the lounge is a whole different story and I’m sure that the regular breakfast at he InterContinental Ljubljana is great, too.

Elevator Incident & Lunch at the IC Ljubljana

When I was getting to breakfast in the morning, the elevator didn’t really do what it was supposed to do. Instead it shaked heavily and stopped in-between some floors. While scary, I wasn’t hurt or anything. It took a good hour to get me out of there, but everyone was really apologetic after the incident. For breakfast, we were offered a bottle of (high quality) champagne, for example.

InterContinental Ljubljana Champagne

Then we were also invited for lunch, which was another nice gesture, even though we just had a couple of smaller things.

These, btw, were very good as well, which is saying a lot about the quality of the kitchen. So even after this incident, there’s no bad blood on my part thanks to how well it was handled.

Pool & Gym at the InterContinental Ljubljana

Another area, where the InterContinental Ljubljana really shines are the pool and gym, which are nicer than for example at the InterContinental Berlin or the InterContinental Athens. Both are located on the highest floor of the skyscraper and offer stunning views.

InterContinental Ljubljana Gym View

The gym is also huge and offers various modern machines for strength and cardio training.

A workout with a view is always great, but it’s even better when the spa also offers such a lovely view. It reminded me a bit of the InterContinental Warsaw, but nicer. There’s a medium-sized pool, which is nice enough for swimming laps.

Then there are a couple of seating options around, plus a really really nice jacuzzi with views of town.

InterContinental Ljubljana Pool

Right next to the jacuzzi, you can find a couple of loungers with some more privacy.

In addition, there’s a sauna and a steam bath. It’s not a particularly big spa, but just a very nice space!

Overall impressions of the InterContinental Ljubljana

The InterContinental Ljubljana is a really amazing property and maybe the best InterContinental in Europa. I even liked it more than the InterContinental Davos, which is a great property, too. Amazing rooms, a brilliant spa and gym on the rooftop and a nice lounge – I can’t find enough good words for the property, despite my little issue in between. If you happen to be in Slovenia, you should definitely pay this property a visit!

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