traveluxblog in 2019 – more quality, less content

With the new year starting and now nearly four years of traveluxblog being around, it’s time for change. In this article I’ll explain what you can expect for 2019 and going forward!

traveluxblog grew a lot over the years and I appreciated every single reader, in times where it were only 10 a day to times where there were more than 1.000 a day. At the same time, I’ve realized that the time and effort I can put into traveluxblog influences not only the number of readers, but also the quality of content. This is the main reason why I’ve decided to scale back traveluxblog a bit in 2019 as circumstances have changed. As the CEO of reisetopia, a fast growing travel community with tens of thousands clicks a day, I just don’t have as much time for traveluxblog anymore. This doesn’t mean that this journey doesn’t continue, but it’ll change!

How will traveluxblog look in 2019 and going forward?

Over the course of the years, new content pieces were added to traveluxblog, while other were cut. From today onwards, the focus will be on quality rather than quantity. Thus, we’ll focus on the pieces you love the most: reviews of luxury hotels, airlines and trains. We’ll also keep around the category of City Guides, which many of you find helpful for exploring a city. Going forward, you’ll find at least two new hotel reviews and one new airline or train review on traveluxblog a month. Furthermore, there’ll be a minimum of two city guides per month and from time to time, we’ll have some other content here on traveluxblog, too.

Singapore Airlines Business Class Airbus A380 Moritz

We’ll keep on focusing on exclusive airline and hotel reviews

This also means that we’ll let go of a few other pieces of content you might have come acustomized, too. First of all, the category or ‘ratings’ won’t be published anymore in the future. When I came up with the idea of airline, hotel and lounge ratings, I had the plan of building a plattform to compare all head on head. Over the years, I’ve learned that there are no metrics to really compare hotels, airlines and lounges with each other and had a constantly hard time to really explain why one place has more starts than another even though I thought that the other one was nicer. Thus, I hope that you’ll keep on enjoying my reviews as those are getting you the real impression of a place and not only ‘numbers’.

No more airport and transportation guides

Some of the new categories, which joined reviews and city guides (earlier city reviews) over the years, were airport and transportation guides. This category proofed helpful for many and I got great feedback for these posts. At the same time, these articles are very time consuming and we’ve seen the world changing quicker than we can update the posts. While these guides might be helpful for a year or so, they can already be outdated after that time, which is why I think that you are better of using wikipedia or researching the information yourself. It’s our aim to always get you accurate information and with the fast change in the world of airports and city transportation, I can’t guarantee this with my guides anymore, which is why we’ll let go of this category.

Machu Picchu Moritz

In the future, traveluxblog will focus on city guides & reviews

Two further categories which will be abandoned on traveluxblog are running guides and lounge reviews. It’s especially tough to say goodbye to the latter as I’ve always enjoyed visiting airline lounges around the world, especially when I was younger and it was often a “first time experience” for me. At the same time, I’ve learned that these reviews are only helpful for a fraction of the users at traveluxblog, so I’ve decided to not focus on this category anymore. The same is true for running guides. I love running and I’ll always do so when I’m in a city. At the same time, I don’t want to always feel the need to taking pictures and also think that these guides might only be helpful for some and not all readers of traveluxblog.

Slowly saying goodbye to the ‘photo of the week’

It’s a bit tough to say goodbye to the ‘photo of the week’, which has always been a category I liked really much. Pictures say more than a thousand words and that’s something I believe until today. Nevertheless, the category has always been somewhat missunderstood by some readers, which is why we’ll phase out the photo of the week over the course of the next weeks. There’ll be a couple more of those, but starting in March, this series will end, too. At the same time, I’ll try to focus on a medium, which is better for picture sharing: Instagram. So you won’t have to miss great photos of travelling the world, they’ll just be released elsewhere. If you do not do yet, you might want to join 19.000 other users following traveluxblog on Instagram!

More quality and less content on travexlublog

There are a lot of content pieces axed and I’m sorry for everyone who loved the different guides, lounge reviews and photos of the week as well as ratings, we won’t be able to publish going forward. At the same time, I think focusing on the pieces you love is better than doing everything without the time to do it the right way. Afterall, the main goal of traveluxblog is making your travel better and I think that our high quality reviews are what we do best and that’s why we’ll be focusing on this in the future!


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