Hotel Review: Colombi Hotel Freiburg

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Deluxe Room

The Colombi Hotel Freiburg is known to be the best hotel in the city and one of the best hotels in the whole area. While I enjoyed my stay, I wouldn’t say that the hotel is really worth the price tag. Check out this review to learn more!

If there’s one hotel to stay at when in Freiburg, it’s obviously the Colombi Hotel. The property is a member of the prestigeous Leading Hotels of the World and located in the heart of the city on a square with the same name as the property.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Deluxe Room
  • Month of Stay: May

To my surprise though, the hotel looks modern from the outside, but still comes with classic interior inside – a combination you don’t see all that often.

Deluxe Room at the Colombi Hotel Freiburg

Not only the lobby, but also the rooms come with a really classic design, which I did not particularly like.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Deluxe Room

The somewhat more spacious Deluxe Room I was upgraded to featured a comfortable King Bed as the centerpiece of the room with a nighstand on one side.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Deluxe Room

On the other side of the bed, there’s a wooden working desk with a really uncomfortable wooden chair. Not only is the location of the desk really weird, it’s also not a comfortable place to work at.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Deluxe Room

The other side of the room comes with a television as well as two chairs arranged around a coffee table.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Deluxe Room

The room has quite a bit of wardrobe space and even a balcony, which is generally a nice thing, but isn’t very well executed here as there’s neither furniture nor does the balcony look any nice.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Deluxe Room Balcony

The view of the park and the parking lot and the park is alright.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Deluxe Room View

The bathroom is quite luxurious compared to the room and is more up to the standards the Colombi Hotel Freiburg wants to be on.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Deluxe Room Bathroom

It’s spacious, comes with a double sink, a toilet, a bidet and a walk-in shower. I would have liked to have a bathtub, too, but the shower is at least quite nice.

All in all, I was not really impressed by the room at the Colombi Hotel Freiburg and would have expected a bit more of a hotel of this caliber. Other Leading Hotels in Germany, like The Fontenay Hamburg or the Althoff Seehotel Überfahrt Rottach-Egern, have much nicer rooms in my opinion.

Breakfast at the Colombi Hotel Freiburg

One of the bright spots of my stay at the Colombi Hotel Freiburg was breakfast. It’s served in the impressive hotel restaurant, which is bright and yet has a somewhat classic charm.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Breakfast

All tables are really nicely prepared and make you feel like dining in a luxury hotel, a little bit like at the famous Le Bristol Paris.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Breakfast

The breakfast buffet as such doesn’t disappoint either, especially when it comes to the cold options. For example, there’s a great selection of cheeses and cold cuts.

Then there’s a brilliant selection of fruits, veggies and more.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Breakfast

There are also various hot options available on the buffet, which didn’t look all that appealing to me.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Breakfast

Last but not least, there are a few hot options you can order from the kitchen. The omelette I had was very good, for example.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Breakfast

Summed up, I’d say that breakfast at the Colombi Hotel Freiburg is really good and on the level of other great hotels in Germany like the Adlon Kempinski Berlin or the Hotel am Schlossgarten Stuttgart.

Pool & Gym at the Colombi Hotel Freiburg

One of the nice things about this property in Freiburg is that it comes with a large recreation area. At the reception of the spa, you can grab some fruits and water.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Spa

Right behind it, you’ll find yourself in the gym, which is rather disappointing for a luxury hotel.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Gym

There are a few machines for cardio training, but there’s hardly anything for strength training.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Gym

In addition, there’s not really a view as you are looking right onto the pool. This one, however, is quite nice as it’s really big and has a somewhat interesting shape.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Pool

While it’s not ideal for swimming, I actually enjoyed it very much, especially as there were hardly any other people at the pool.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Pool

Arranged around it, you can also relax on one of the various loungers, which are comfortable enough.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Pool

In the basement of the spa, you can also find another area with a few loungers as well as a sauna and a steam bath.

Colombi Hotel Freiburg Spa

While I would have expected a better gym at the Colombi Hotel Freiburg, the pool is really nice for a city hotel.

Overall impressions of the Colombi Hotel Freiburg

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my stay at the Colombi Hotel Freiburg, but the property just didn’t amaze me. While the rooms are nice enough, I don’t like the design and especially hated the work desk arrangement. The pool is nice, the gym is subpar, but breakfast is really good. All in all, I’d say that the Colombi Freiburg is a nice hotel, it’s just overpriced in my opinion, which is the reason that I would personally not return.

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